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Shale billionaire to file anti-dumping complaint against Saudis

Harold Hamm intends to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Commerce against Saudi Arabia for “illegal” dumping of crude that sent oil prices into a tailspin earlier this week.

U.S. oil output to fall next year, for the first time since 2016

The world’s biggest oil producer will see a drop in output next year as a result of the dramatic collapse in prices that’s already forcing drillers to cut back on capital spending.

Shale insiders snapping up stock as prices hit record lows

Shale insiders are swooping in to buy stock in their ailing firms this week after an oil price war erupted between Saudi Arabia and Russia late Sunday.

Betting on a bailout, investors rush into U.S. energy funds

Exchange-traded fund investors are piling into the U.S. oil and gas industry, despite the recent collapse in prices, partly on bets that the government may bail out producers as part of a stimulus package.

BJ Services and Atheon ink contract for next-gen gas fueled frac fleet

BJ Services has entered into a multi-year contract with Aethon Energy for the deployment of the Company's first TITAN next-generation fracturing fleet in the Haynesville shale.

Oxy plans spending cut to protect dividend payments

The Houston-based explorer is reacting to crude’s plunge of more than 30% on Monday to protect the payout, which Chief Executive Officer Vicki Hollub has said is “one of the defining characteristics” of the company.

Almost all new wells lose money in shale’s ‘new normal’

At a stroke, Saudi Arabia and Russia and their battle for market share have made almost all U.S. shale drilling unprofitable. Only five companies in two areas of the country have breakeven costs lower than the current oil price.

Wall Street slashing ratings on shale producers

The oil price war is turning out to be a disaster for energy equities, and Wall Street appears to be throwing in the towel with multiple stock downgrades.

Shale drillers facing uncharted territory in worst oil bust yet

The Saudi-Russia oil price war could mark the end of a historic boom that vaulted the U.S. to predominance in world crude production.

Meritage Midstream commissions Powder River basin natural gas plant

Meritage Midstream Services II, LLC announced that its subsidiary, Thunder Creek Gas Services, LLC, has completed commissioning of the Steamboat I processing plant in Converse County, Wyoming.

Exxon to cut Permian growth by 10% in response to price slump

Exxon Mobil is slowing the pace of its flagship shale project in the Permian Basin, one of the first signs that the oil majors are throttling back on production in response to the recent slump in prices.

Shale borrowers see collateral values take a hit as oil outlook darkens

Troubled oil and gas companies may have a hard time persuading their bankers to keep extending credit as the outlook darkens for energy, potentially leading to more bankruptcies in the already-beleaguered sector.

Chevron plans $80B in dividends as shale production ramps up

Chevron plans as much as $80 billion in dividends and share buybacks over the next five years, boosting distributions by 20% compared with the most recent pace of payouts as the U.S. oil giant ramps up production and returns from the Permian Basin.

‘Smart water’ may help maximize reservoir production

Jeff Falk, Mike Williams, Rice University

Scientists at Rice University’s Brown School of Engineering show that microscopic saltwater droplets emulsify crude oil when each has the right composition. Understanding how they combine is important to enhanced oil recovery.

Overcoming small organic barriers could reap larger oil recoveries in shale reservoirs

Nancy Luedke, Texas A&M University

Researchers at Texas A&M University have found that the presence of a fossilized organic substance called kerogen plays a vital role in how easily carbon dioxide can travel through shale reservoirs.

Apache takes $3B writedown as it quits West Texas shale project

Apache is officially calling it quits on a highly publicized but disappointing shale discovery in West Texas after vehemently defending the play’s prospects for about three years.

Chesapeake investors losing faith as debt options dwindle

Chesapeake Energy’s options for dealing with its towering debt load are shriveling as the natural gas driller seeks to auction off shale fields it needs to stay afloat.

Activist investor to stake $1B on changing shale operations

The energy-focused private equity firm Kimmeridge Energy Management is looking for a U.S. shale producer to target for an overhaul, saying the sector has become “uninvestable.”

ShaleTech: Marcellus-Utica shales

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Capital discipline reining in rigs, production

API highlights economic impacts of a fracing ban in new video

The American Petroleum Institute released a new video to coincide with Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate that addresses what it says supporters of a fracing ban won’t discuss – its cost to America.