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Permian water company Solaris says it's closing in on new deal

Solaris is closing in on water deals with other companies as explorers increasingly outsource one of the key components of fracing.

Chevron's mega-deal proves U.S. energy powerhouse

Amidst the world's focus on climate change and transition to natural gas, the world’s biggest energy companies are focusing on where it all began: American oil.

Permian's flaring rises by 85% as oil boom continues

The Permian Basin has produced so much natural gas that by the end of 2018 producers were burning off more than enough of the fuel to meet residential demand across Texas.

Borets installs 250th permanent motor in Permian

Engineering, manufacturing, sales and service of electric submersible pump (ESP) systems company, Borets, has successfully installed its 250th permanent magnet motor (PMM) ESP system in the U.S.

Milestone receives oilfield waste landfill permit in Permian Basin

Milestone Environmental Services (Milestone), an oilfield waste disposal services company, has announced that the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) has approved the company’s second RCRA-exempt oilfield waste landfill permit in the Permian Basin.

Long game: Reliable, interventionless completions for toe stages

Travis Harris, Packers Plus Energy Services

Adjusting completion plans in extended-reach laterals can reduce risk, lower costs, and expedite bringing wells online.

Majors double down as takeaway crunch eases

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

They may have arrived late to the shale soiree, but the super-majors have shown up with overflowing wallets, lofty production targets, and they’re setting the tone for the next wave of development in the transcendent Permian basin.

Permian Basin's future depends on the Reservoir Study Group, or "really smart guys"

Scott Hodges, a 57-year-old manager with Occidental Petroleum Corp., runs a cluster of installations at the Hobbs oil field, where dozens of wells don’t pump a single barrel of oil but instead do the opposite: push stuff -- lots of it -- into the ground.

Multiple Sclerosis Society seeks to raise funds by selling Permian mineral rights

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is seeking a buyer for mineral rights on 192 net acres in the oil-rich Permian Basin of West Texas, according to an online posting Wednesday.

Tecpetrol goes on frac sand buying spree in Argentina

Sand shoveled out of an Argentina river used to transport soybeans may soon reappear 700 mi (1,100 km) away in the country’s booming shale fields.

Texas oil production fell in January as pipeline bottlenecks prompted cutbacks

The decline pushed overall U.S. production lower by 90,000 bopd, marking the first national drop since May, according to revised data from the Energy Information Administration. January production clocked in at 11.87 MMbopd.

The new American energy era - From Texas to the world

While Paul Vega drives his pick-up truck through the heartland of the Permian basin -- the vast tract of west Texas scrub where one of history’s greatest oil booms means miles-long traffic jams -- Vega says there’s more crude being pumped than America’s refineries can absorb.

Water management

Mark Patton, Hydrozonix

Everything changes

Shale on brink of M&A as oil majors flex muscles in Permian

Cowboy boots and turquoise belt buckles are giving way to smart suits and silk ties as the world’s biggest shale oil field prepares for mergers.

Chevron expects 600,000 bpd in Permian output by 2020

At its annual Security Analyst Meeting, Chevron Corporation announced expectations for significant cash flow growth, disciplined spending, and expanding production over the next five years.

ExxonMobil to accelerate Permian production by 80%

ExxonMobil said today it has revised its Permian basin growth plans to produce more than 1 MMboed by as early as 2024 – an increase of nearly 80% and a significant acceleration of value.

Emerson opens Permian basin service center

Emerson has announced the opening of a new $4 million Permian Basin Service Center to bring enhanced oil and gas technologies and services to the fast-growing region.

ExxonMobil to increase Permian profitability through digital partnership with Microsoft

ExxonMobil has announced that a new partnership with Microsoft will make its Permian basin operations the largest-ever oil and gas acreage to use cloud technology and is expected to generate billions in net cash flow over the next decade through improvements in analyses and enhancements to operational efficiencies.

Texas shale forces big oil cost revolution, Chevron CEO says

Texas shale forces big oil cost revolution, Chevron CEO says

ConocoPhillips’ Greg Leveille sees rapid trajectory of technical advancement continuing

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

In an exclusive interview with World Oil Editor-in-Chief Kurt Abraham, ConocoPhillips Chief Technology Officer Greg Leveille discusses the technical issues facing global E&P, particularly as relates to the many U.S. unconventional plays