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China tariffs could mean bleak winter ahead for U.S. LNG

This winter could be a bleak one for America’s natural gas exporters as the fastest-growing buyer of the fuel threatens to halt purchases amid an escalating trade war.

EIA: Haynesville natural gas production reaches five-year high

In June 2018, natural gas production in the Haynesville shale formation, located in northeastern Texas and Louisiana, averaged 6.35 Bcfd, accounting for 8.5% of the total U.S. dry natural gas production, Haynesville’s highest production level since November 2012.

Keystone XL pipeline sent back for new environmental review

The U.S. State Department must conduct a new environmental review for the Keystone XL crude pipeline, a federal judge ruled, dealing a blow to a project supported by President Donald Trump in his first few days in office.

Deal frenzy swells with Diamondback's $8.4-billion shale buyout

Diamondback Energy’s agreement to buy Energen in an $8.4 billion all-stock deal launches Permian buying spree that should shake up the U.S. shale industry.

California ponders plan B if Trump wins opener in emissions fight

As California professes optimism in its legal fight against Trump’s rollback of tailpipe emissions limits, the state is eyeing a fallback plan that could test how much its residents are willing to sacrifice to fight climate change.

Companies in the news

Michele Cowart, World Oil

Danos has been awarded a contract by Shell Exploration and Production Company to provide coatings for Shell’s deepwater Appomattox platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

What’s new in production

Don Francis, Contributing Editor

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Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Sensing doubts

First oil

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Consent given to fracing first onshore, horizontal well in the UK

Permian oil production requires additional pipeline infrastructure

Staff, Energy Web Atlas; Staff, World Oil

Further expansion of oil output in the Permian basin is dependent on a number of pipelines being built or expanded. Here is a rundown of the status of various pipeline projects in the region.

New frac-pack additive is step change in sulfide scale control for Permian long horizontals

Dr. Cyril Okocha, Clariant Oil Services

A new sulfide scale control, frac-pack additive solved a Permian basin operator’s severe production impairment during start-up, and initial frac-fluid return, in 50-stage, hydraulically stimulated, 15,000-ft horizontal Spraberry formation wells.

Permian basin leads the pack

Travis Harris, Packers Plus Energy Services

Innovative completion technology helps reduce break-even prices to keep operators afloat in the Permian basin

U.S. selling more oil to India, Iran’s biggest customer

One of Iran’s biggest oil customers is buying more U.S. crude as President Donald Trump sticks to his pledge to squeeze the Persian Gulf nation’s energy trade.

China buckles in trade war: No tariffs on U.S. crude imports

The removal of U.S. crude from goods targeted by Chinese tariffs is a sign that America has become too big to ignore in the oil market.

U.S. cuts oil output outlook as Permian constraints threaten

The pace of U.S. crude production growth might be slowing or at least that’s what the government is seeing for now.

California returns fire at Trump's call to rescind its authority

Last week, President Trump proposed gutting California’s unique ability to write greenhouse gas emission limits for cars and trucks.

Delay puts $3.7 billion Marcellus pipeline at risk of overhaul

A $3.7 billion pipeline in America’s biggest shale gas play could be rerouted after a federal agency ordered all work on the project to stop.

Breathing easy in Beijing may get pricey

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s trade policies are threatening to make his environmental goals more costly to meet.

Trump push for energy dominant U.S. blunted by China LNG threat

China’s threatened tariff against U.S. LNG comes as a second wave of American export terminals seek financing with an eye toward the Asian giant’s drive to reduce its use of coal.

Billions at risk for U.S. LNG exports on China 25% tariffs

China is proposing a 25% tariff on imports of U.S. LNG. Shares of Cheniere Energy, fell on the report.