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Eagle Ford offers austerity lesson for U.S. shale

At current oil prices, “what you cannot do is harvest cash and grow,” said Raoul LeBlanc, a Houston-based analyst at IHS Markit. “There’s an inflection point coming here because production growth is going to slow down massively.”

Shale oil explorers say outlook for growth contradicts grim reality

Shale wildcatters, after years eye-rolling at skeptics, are now saying global analysts are underestimating just how severe the industry’s slowdown is.

U.S. energy-related CO₂ emissions rose in 2018 for the first year since 2014

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that total U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions in 2018 rose to 5.27 billion metric tons, 2.7% more than its 2017 level.

The last barrel

Craig Fleming, World Oil

Between a rock and a hard place

Greater transparency would benefit users of type curves in unconventional formations

Steve Hendrickson, Ralph E. Davis Associates, an Opportune LLP company

Improved disclosure of how type curves are created in shale basins will increase user understanding of the quality and reliability of these estimates, to make better-informed decisions.

Has a global LNG glut forced the U.S. to become the swing producer?

A global glut of natural gas has gotten so massive that U.S. exporters could soon face their worst-case scenario: Halting shipments to get supply and demand back in balance.

Unconventionals enter an execution and efficiency phase

Dr. Basak Kurtoglu, Quantum Energy Partners

The unconventional revolution transformed the U.S. into the top hydrocarbon producer globally, fundamentally changing the global energy and political landscape. The production growth over the past decade contributes >$200 billion of incremental annual revenue to the U.S. economy.

Reduced access to credit making life harder for shale operators

Banks have begun trimming back the credit lines of America’s shale producers, further undercutting a beleaguered industry that’s been struggling to rebuild investor confidence.

Three new LNG projects moving forward at the Port of Brownsville

The Port of Brownsville is one step closer to welcoming three new LNG projects with an investment totaling $38.75 billion after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved their proposals during its monthly commission meeting.

“Water, water everywhere….

Karr Ingham, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

Every barrel of Texas crude oil produced yields over 6.5 bbl of water with it. As oil production has risen, managing massive volumes of produced water is ever more challenging. A new Texas Alliance of Energy Producers white paper tackles the issue, to ensure that future energy development is not constrained by water issues.

EIA increases U.S. crude oil production forecast

The U.S. Energy Information Administration revises the U.S. crude oil production forecast it publishes in each Short-Term Energy Outlook based mainly on two factors: updates to EIA’s published historical data and EIA’s crude oil price forecast.

California intensifies fossil fuel fight with new drilling ban

California intensified its battle against fossil fuels by seeking independent reviews of all pending hydraulic fracturing permits and halting approvals of a key production technique in an area that has pumped crude for more than a century.

Conoco launches plan to distance itself from shale, win back shareholders

ConocoPhillips announced a 10-year plan to buy back $30 billion of shares, equivalent to about half of its current market capitalization, as the oil producer attempts to distance itself from the troubled U.S. shale industry.

Detecting and recovering oil from flowback and produced water

A new SWD system, integrated with innovative oil-in-water monitoring technology, can maximize recovery rates and increase per-barrel profits.

Gator Technologies expands Midland and Broussard operations

The new facilities will provide purpose-built space to support Gator’s bottom hole assembly tool rental, repair and manufacturing capabilities.

Water management

Mark Patton, Hydrozonix

The power of water

Executive viewpoint

Senator Joe Manchin, U.S. Senate

The time has come for an Appalachian Storage Hub

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head, Contributing Editor

Rank and exploration may be like jumbo and shrimp

First oil

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Another mixed outlook awaits the E&P sector

API: Improved endangered species rules will ensure habitat conservation, species protection

API says the streamlining of these regulations will ensure that public-private projects can further promote the conservation of habitat and protection of endangered species, while focusing resources on environmental improvements across the country.