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Activist investor to stake $1B on changing shale operations

The energy-focused private equity firm Kimmeridge Energy Management is looking for a U.S. shale producer to target for an overhaul, saying the sector has become “uninvestable.”

Noble Energy targets U.S. onshore growth in 2020 capital budget

Noble Energy says it will take advantage of offshore cash flow to focus on drilling in the DJ and Delaware basins in the U.S.

Special Focus: 2020 Forecast - U.S. Drilling

Craig Fleming, Kurt Abraham, World Oil

U.S. on a downward trajectory as shale industry matures

Emerald Bay Energy spuds well in Duval County

Emerald Bay Energy Inc. reported today that the Company has spudded the fifth well, #4HC, on the Duval County Ranch Company (DCRC) "E" lease.

U.S. crude oil and natural gas production increased in 2018, with 10% fewer wells

In 2018, while production was increasing, the total number of wells producing crude oil and natural gas in the United States fell to 982,000, down from a peak of 1,035,000 wells in 2014. This increase in production, despite the decline in the number of wells, reflects advances in technology and drilling techniques.

EIA says growth of U.S. crude production will slow through 2021

EIA forecasts production will continue to grow as rig efficiency and well-level productivity rise, offsetting the decline in the number of rigs until drilling activity accelerates in 2021.

EIA: U.S. crude production from tight formations continues to grow

U.S. oil production from tight formations increased in 2019, accounting for 64% of total U.S. crude oil production, thanks to the increasing productivity of new wells that were brought online during 2019.

EIA expects U.S. net natural gas exports to almost double by 2021

The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts that U.S. natural gas exports will exceed natural gas imports by an average 7.3 Bcfd in 2020 (2.0 Bcfd higher than in 2019) and 8.9 Bcfd in 2021.

Water management

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Water and sustainability

America is awash with natural gas, and it’s about to get worse

Prices briefly dipped below $2 /MMbtu on Friday for the first time since 2016, yet the industry is powerless to stop a wave of additional gas hitting the market as a byproduct of rising shale oil output.

Decline in DUC backlog shows scale of U.S. shale pullback

As the U.S. shale boom unfolded, the number of oil wells that were drilled but never opened for production steadily rose. Now, that figure has plunged by a surprising 10% in the newest sign yet of tough times for drillers.

Shale discipline could slow U.S. oil output growth by 50% this year

U.S. oil output growth could decelerate by more than 50% next year as greater capital discipline cuts drilling rigs in America’s largest shale patch.

Parsley Energy boss says shale will finally deliver returns this year

This is the year when shale drillers are finally going to deliver solid returns to investors that have grown weary of the industry’s decade-long cash burn, the head of Parsley Energy said.

Oxy conducts “voluntary reductions” and layoffs across its U.S. land operations

Occidental Petroleum began sweeping job cuts at multiple U.S. locations this week, including what a representative called voluntary reductions and outright layoffs, as the company seeks to reduce debt.

Iran-driven oil rally is a boon to troubled U.S. producers

If the rally in oil prices persists, or if Middle Eastern supplies are cut off, deeply indebted producers could lock in hedges above $60 a barrel.

Canadian energy shines as U.S. shale loses its luster

Canadian energy firms have quietly outperformed their U.S. counterparts this year and, even after the run, a chorus of positive outlooks on the sector to the north continues.

Eagle Ford offers austerity lesson for U.S. shale

At current oil prices, “what you cannot do is harvest cash and grow,” said Raoul LeBlanc, a Houston-based analyst at IHS Markit. “There’s an inflection point coming here because production growth is going to slow down massively.”

Shale oil explorers say outlook for growth contradicts grim reality

Shale wildcatters, after years eye-rolling at skeptics, are now saying global analysts are underestimating just how severe the industry’s slowdown is.

U.S. energy-related CO₂ emissions rose in 2018 for the first year since 2014

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that total U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions in 2018 rose to 5.27 billion metric tons, 2.7% more than its 2017 level.

Has a global LNG glut forced the U.S. to become the swing producer?

A global glut of natural gas has gotten so massive that U.S. exporters could soon face their worst-case scenario: Halting shipments to get supply and demand back in balance.