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Oceaneering lands integrated rig services contract in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico

The work scope includes the provision of remotely operated vehicles with collocated ROV tooling and technicians, remote positioning and metrology survey resources, and installation and workover control system equipment and technicians.

Special Focus: 2021 Forecast & Review – U.S. Oil and Gas Production

Staff, World Oil

Despite an historically low, 54% decline in drilling activity, U.S. oil production was down just 7.6% on a year-over-year basis, averaging 11.318 MMbopd in 2020. The loss in U.S. output could have been more drastic, but OPEC+ did a masterful job of curtailing production during the year to support benchmark prices.

Biden interior pick Haaland’s fossil fuel stance draws GOP opposition

The Senate ultimately is still expected to confirm Haaland, but the slim control Democrats have means Haaland needs every vote she can get. Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Democrat who is chairman of the committee considering her nomination, threw into doubt the fate of another Biden nominee last week.

U.S. will import 62% more crude by 2022 due to domestic production declines, says EIA

EIA expects that the United States will import more crude oil to fill the widening gap between refinery inputs of crude oil and domestic crude oil production in 2021 and 2022. U.S. crude oil production declined by an estimated 0.9 million bpd (8%) to 11.3 million bpd in 2020 because of well curtailment and a drop in drilling activity related to low crude oil prices.

U.S. oil demand accelerates as refiners project more summer driving

American refiners are processing the most crude since the economy ground to a halt in March in anticipation of a vaccine-driven boost in gasoline demand this summer. The uptick means that the refiners are competing for domestic barrels that for months were sent to more robust markets in Asia.

LLOG strikes deal with Eni and Marubeni for deepwater Mississippi Canyon tieback

The agreement provides LLOG access to Eni and Marubeni Oil & Gas’ existing subsea infrastructure connected to the Williams-owned Devils Tower Spar in Mississippi Canyon 773 to optimize its development of the Taggart discovery.

C-Innovation signs one-year contract extension with BP for Riserless Light Well Intervention in Gulf of Mexico

C-Innovation, LLC announced a one-year contract extension with BP for Riserless Light Well Intervention in the Gulf of Mexico. The Island Venture and team are currently mobilized and in the field working on one of BP’s assets.

Biden’s anti-oil crusade can make climate change worse

America is the world’s biggest consumer of crude oil, and any restrictions of domestic production will mean more will have to be shipped in from other countries with less stringent humanitarian and environmental laws.

API chief calls oil leasing ‘a lifeline to local economies’ at USEA Forum

“We are rooting for President Biden to lead America out of crisis,” API President and CEO Mike Sommers said. “As he works toward that important goal, he faces clear choices. Energy abundance or foreign dependence. American jobs or overseas jobs. Economic revival or small-town decline. Progress or retreat. Thus far, President Biden is on the wrong side of a number of these consequential choices.”

Biden’s oil and gas drilling ban may end offshore Gulf of Mexico work

“The region that would bear the brunt of the oil and gas ban are the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico since it’s entirely owned by the U.S. government,” said Elisabeth Murphy, ESAI Energy LLC upstream analyst for North America. It would mean a 40% output drop for the Gulf by 2030, she said.

Biden’s oil and gas ban immediately challenged in Federal court

Western Energy Alliance, which says it represents 200 oil and natural gas companies, said the administration’s suspension of leases is “unsupported and unnecessary,” and an overreach by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, according to a petition filed Wednesday in Wyoming federal court.

Deepwater managed pressure cementing: Breaking paradigms in the Gulf of Mexico

Juan Carlos Valecillos, Maurizio Arnone, Julian Hernandez, Weatherford International

A structured engineering process, combined with efficient execution utilizing an MPD closed-loop system, enabled GOM operators preventing fluid losses and achieving effective zonal isolation during primary cementing operations in extremely narrow operating windows.

Technology scaled for any response

David Nickerson, Marine Well Containment Company

In the developing world of offshore drilling in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, leaders in well control containment technology must be innovative to keep pace with drillers in the region.

Biden’s plan to cut U.S. oil production becomes clearer

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden made good on a campaign promise to cancel the Keystone XL oil pipeline and suspended new drilling permits over the next 60 days. This week, Biden will go even further: suspending the sale of oil and gas leases on federal land, where the U.S. gets 10% of its supplies.

Biden prepares to end new oil and coal leases on federal land

Biden's move would block the sale of new mining and drilling rights across some 700 million acres of federal land. It could also block offshore oil and gas leasing, though details are still being developed.

U.S. projects higher oil output in 2022 from rebounding shale

The U.S. Energy Information Administration said that recent crude price increases and rig additions will help production in the Lower 48 states begin to rise in the second quarter of this year, with total output nearing 11.5 MMbpd in 2022.

Buckeye Partners starts crude exports from new Corpus Christi deepwater dock

The completion of the South Texas Gateway dock enables Buckeye to accommodate the berthing and loading of two vessels simultaneously, further facilitating the supply of North American crude oil to global markets.

Five options for Biden to quickly implement new climate rules

Joe Biden made it clear on the campaign trail that he planned to take strong action to fight global warming. But his ambitious, $2 trillion climate plan will take time and resources. In the meantime, here are some of the smaller, immediate steps he can take -- and a few that are probably much harder than they look.

Biden prepares to tackle fossil fuels in the U.S. and abroad

Joe Biden's cabinet picks, and his interest in working with China to stage elections in Venezuela, will make 2021 a transformative year for fossil fuels.

Venture Global, Baker Hughes move Louisiana LNG terminal ahead of schedule

Venture Global LNG Inc. plans to have six of 18 production units at the Calcasieu Pass plant in Louisiana installed by mid-February, CEO Mike Sabel said in an interview. Commercial operations are expected in 2022.