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Israel and Egypt discuss natural gas pipeline link

The announcement comes as nations in the eastern Mediterranean ramp up investments in offshore gas fields. Egypt is seeking to become a major hub for exporting LNG to Europe, where demand is growing as governments transition from dirtier fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

Record U.S. winter storm deeply impacts global LNG markets

The Arctic blast that has wreaked havoc on U.S. energy markets is now poised to reverberate internationally as it slows shipments of liquefied natural gas from the Gulf Coast.

Qatar outlines plan to lead global LNG exports for the next 20 years

Qatar will spend billions of dollars expanding its LNG capacity more than 50% to 126 million tons a year. The Persian Gulf state is already the world’s main supplier of the super-chilled fuel, but new projects elsewhere -- especially in Australia and the U.S. -- have eroded its dominance.

Equinor writes off its Tanzania LNG project

While progress has been made in recent years on the commercial framework for the Tanzania LNG project, overall project economics have not yet improved sufficiently to justify keeping it on the balance sheet, Equinor said in a statement.

Pipeline owners look to hydrogen as natural gas comes under attack

After former Secretary of State John Kerry, warned that natural gas pipelines could become “stranded assets” within 30 years as the administration seeks to end carbon emissions from power plants, owners turn to hydrogen to keep three million miles of U.S. pipelines from going obsolete.

Total leads Europe’s oil majors in clean energy push

Europe’s three largest oil and gas companies -- Total, BP and Royal Dutch Shell -- all announced plans last year to eliminate most greenhouse gas emissions from their operations and the fuels they sell in the coming decades. It marked a turning point for the petroleum industry in the region, and heightened its divergence from U.S. majors that have yet to make such pledges.

Baker Hughes sees global LNG projects picking up in 2021

“By 2030, we still need to have capacity of approximately 650 to 700 million tons of LNG in place,” Chief Executive Officer Lorenzo Simonelli told analysts and investors Thursday on a conference call. “You’re looking at 50 to 100 million tons FIDing over the course of the next three to four years.”

The future of LNG, post-pandemic

Andrew Stafford, Chris Briggs, Trelleborg marine and infrastructure operation

The LNG sector has suffered cancelled cargoes and project setbacks, due to Covid-19. However, the post-pandemic future of LNG looks promising. The following five-year forecast emphasizes the importance of upgrading equipment to ensure efficient operations.

Europe turns down more U.S. LNG on greenhouse gas concerns

The latest setback for exporters is the expiry of a 2017 accord between U.S. LNG developer NextDecade Corp. and the Port of Cork to build an import terminal in Ireland.

Mozambique, Tanzania unite against rebel threats to LNG projects

Insurgents who’ve aligned with Islamic State have since 2017 staged increasingly bold attacks in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province that borders southern Tanzania, threatening nearly $60 billion in LNG projects.

Frigid winter pushes LNG tanker day rates to new global record

Bullish factors have struck the LNG shipping market: robust Asian spot gas demand in a cold winter, record-high exports from U.S. projects and -- perhaps most importantly -- delays to traverse the Panama Canal.

Senegal plans 2023 start for $4.3B BP-Kosmos gas program

The Grand Tortue Ahmeyim gas field development, straddling the offshore waters of Mauritania and Senegal, is expected to produce its first gas in 2023 following delays related to the coronavirus pandemic, according to Senegal’s Oil Minister Sophie Gladima.

Ghana to start sub-Sarahan Africa’s first LNG-to-power project

LNG-to-power projects have been booming from Asia to Latin America in recent years as they allow nations to switch from dirtier fossil fuels to keep the lights on. And for sellers, integrated LNG-to-power provides a guaranteed outlet for the fuel.

Pakistan’s new pipeline with Russia to increase LNG import capacity

Pakistan has become one of the top emerging markets for the super-chilled fuel in recent years as domestic gas production has plateaued, forcing the nation to import cargoes.

LNG traders look forward to a swift 2021 rebound

Demand for the fuel used in heating and power generation is growing faster than for any other fossil fuel as nations look for a cheap, reliable and cleaner alternative to coal. The pandemic derailed that growth for 2020, but China and India are emerging as major sources of demand.

Croatia preps for first U.S. LNG cargo, reducing Russian dependence

The LNG vessel Tristar Ruby, which loaded at the Cove Point plant in Maryland, is headed for Croatia’s terminal on the Adriatic island of Krk, according to ship-tracking data on Bloomberg. The ship is scheduled to arrive on Jan. 1, the expected start date of the terminal.

Mozambique repels insurgent attack near Total’s $20B LNG facility

Fighters who’ve aligned with Islamic State in August have already seized the port town of Mocimboa da Praia, about 42 kilometers south of Mute, raising the stakes in a conflict that’s killed about 2,500 people and caused 570,000 to flee their homes since it started three years ago.

Shell sells $2.5B Australian LNG stake to GIP

The oil major will sell a 26.25% interest in the Queensland Curtis LNG Common Facilities in a deal that is expected to be completed in the first half of 2021. The common facilities are currently completely owned by Shell and include LNG storage tanks, jetties and infrastructure that service the venture.

DNV GL and world’s largest shipbuilder pursue “future-proof” tankers

“Shipowners are faced with many uncertainties in the rapidly changing marketplace,” said Seong-Yong Park, COO and SEVP of HHI Group. “We believe our research results, including proven engineering solutions and alternative fuels, will support them in developing their future strategy for ship operations and fleet renewal.”

Venture Global, Baker Hughes move Louisiana LNG terminal ahead of schedule

Venture Global LNG Inc. plans to have six of 18 production units at the Calcasieu Pass plant in Louisiana installed by mid-February, CEO Mike Sabel said in an interview. Commercial operations are expected in 2022.