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Ecopetrol revises 2020 capital plan upwards on signs of oil market recovery

The new plan ensures the sustainability of the business in an environment of low prices, prioritizing cash-generating opportunities and with better equilibrium prices, and maintaining growth dynamics with a focus on the execution of development plans for strategic assets.

Noble hooks Maersk Valiant for offshore Colombia campaign

Maersk Drilling has been awarded a contract for the 7th generation drillship Maersk Valiant which will be employed by Noble Energy for a one-well campaign offshore Colombia.

Canacol Energy wins three new Colombian gas exploration blocks

The new exploration contracts increase Canacol's land position for conventional natural gas in Colombia to 1.4 million net acres.

Colombia seeks $1 billion Ecopetrol dividend, amid massive civil unrest

Colombia is seeking an additional payout of almost $1 billion from its oil company Ecopetrol S.A. as it faces increased spending pressure amid massive anti-government demonstrations.

Ecopetrol logs results in near-field exploration efforts

Ecopetrol reports that the Flamencos-1 well, located in Puerto Wilches, confirmed presence of crude oil in the La Paz formation.

Ecopetrol deploys subsea exploration drones off La Guajira peninsula

Ecopetrol will employ unmanned underwater gliders to navigate an extensive area of the Colombian Caribbean to acquire information related to physical-chemical variables of the ocean.

Colombia’s Ecopetrol reports profit growth despite falling commodity prices

Ecopetrol recorded net profits of $ 6.2 billion in the first half of 2019, the highest since 2013 for the first half. Profits grew 1.6% while the price of Brent crude decreased 7% in that period.

‘Deliberate action’ in Colombia ignites 2,600 bbls of crude, hinders firefighters’ efforts

Ecopetrol and Cenit report that unidentified individuals deliberately set fire to four temporary crude oil retention pools containing 2,600 barrels of oil in the Colombian municipality of Arauquita, Arauca.

Weatherford wins Colombian 3,000 well production optimization contract

Under the newly signed contract, the company will provide all maintenance and services for the software platform for five years, as well as all technical and production services required to allow Production Performance Management.

U.S. sanctions on Venezuela are a blessing to Colombian oil

U.S. Gulf refiners are bidding up prices for Colombian crude amid sanctions on Venezuelan imports, historically one of America’s top oil suppliers.