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Warm winter pushes LNG to 17-month low in biggest market

Liquefied natural gas prices in North Asia, the world’s biggest market for the fuel, have slumped to the lowest in 17 months as the peak demand season ends with a whimper.

Equinor: Natural gas contributes to the low carbon future

Equinor sold natural gas for around $26 billion in total in 2018, an increase of 29% from 2017.

Empty supertankers reveal truths about today's oil market

They are slowly plowing their way across thousands of miles of ocean toward America’s GOM coastline. As they do, twelve empty supertankers are also revealing a few truths about today’s global oil market.

Too big to sell? Concho now bigger than HESS, Continental

Concho Resources Inc. may have become too big to sell just months after its richest-ever acquisition.

Tubacex and Senaat join forces to grow in the Middle East

Tubacex and Senaat, an industrial investment holding company owned by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, have started a strategic partnership to support the development of energy projects in the Middle East.

Canadian heavy crude slips as pipeline rationing set to rise

Heavy Canadian crude prices widened to the biggest discount against New York futures this year as pipeline-operator Enbridge reported that rationing on its heavy oil lines would increase next month.

Gas guru who corrected CIA says U.S., Russia pick wrong fight

The scientist who built the most prominent Cold War energy advisory said the U.S. and Russia should set aside their fight over natural gas markets and focus on slashing fossil fuel pollution more quickly.

Shell eyes limit to how clean oil output can be

There’s only so much you can do to make oil and gas production cleaner.

Venezuela's exit from U.S. Sanctions? Show Maduro the door

The Trump administration has given Venezuela’s state-owned oil giant, Petroleos de Venezuela SA, and President Nicolas Maduro’s associates a clear path to escape U.S. sanctions: Help bring down the authoritarian leader.

The OPEC+ oil deal is standing on one wobbly leg

I know a little bit about standing on one leg; my daughter has encouraged me to learn to water ski. It’s not easy at my age, in England, in winter.

Buffett's oil bet not only a rallying cry for fracers

Warren Buffett showing up in your share register can be a bittersweet affair.

Big oil's big issue with embracing 'big energy'

Oil majors increasingly are trying their hand at being alternative-energy minors.

BP energy outlook 2019 envisions rapid growth, low-carbon future

The Energy Outlook explores the forces shaping the global energy transition out to 2040 and the key uncertainties surrounding that transition.

Price for heavy-crude surges with U.S. ban on Venezuelan oil

Some of the world’s dirtiest and densest crudes, traditionally spurned for being too difficult to process, are having a moment in the sun, with a little help from President Trump.

Cenovus forges ahead on rail plans as Canadian peers dial back

Cenovus Energy Inc. is forging ahead with plans to expand its rail shipments of crude to U.S. refiners, even as some peers dial back, in a bet that pricing for Canadian heavy crude will soon shift to make those shipments more economical.

Danos to acquire Shamrock Energy Solutions

Danos is pleased to announce that it has reached a tentative agreement to acquire the assets and business of Shamrock Energy Solutions, a privately held 22-year-old oilfield service company, based out of Houma, La.

U.S. Interior has announced region-wide oil and gas lease sale Gulf of Mexico

In support of President Donald J. Trump’s America-First Offshore Energy Strategy, Interior’s Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management Joe Balash and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Acting Director Walter Cruickshank have announced that BOEM will offer 78 million acres for a region-wide lease sale scheduled for March 2019.

IEA says Venezuela crisis risks disrupting global crude market

The political crisis in Venezuela risks disrupting global crude markets as the type of oil pumped by the OPEC member becomes increasingly scarce, according to the International Energy Agency.

Nigeria's new gusher just made OPEC compliance a little harder

Nigeria is about to ship the first cargo of crude oil from a new deposit about 90 mi off its coast.

Implications of the 2018 mid-terms for the oil and gas industry

Dr. Roger Bezdek, Contributing Editor

In the November 2018 mid-term elections, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 35 Senate seats, and 36 governorships were contested.