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Smart reporting, strong returns

With the Vent-Gas Analyzer Intelligent System, monitoring vent-gas performance in real time makes real sense.

The System

Visually monitoring vent-gas and flare performance has long been prone to human error. The Vent-Gas Analyzer Intelligent System (VGA-IS) from Weir combines a gas-flow meter and vent-gas analyzer into an IS platform. It accurately measures flow rates, gas volume for CH4 and total gas locally in real time, allowing for better decisions, safer operations, and more accurate EPA reporting compliance.

Data is accessible locally in real-time from a control panel. Part of an integrated suite of IS components, the VGA-IS also uploads and records this information to a secure, Cloud-based portal, where it can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

The Challenge

One customer, operating multiple well pads in the environmentally sensitive Marcellus and Utica basins, required a means to more accurately measure the flow rate of return gas during flowback operations. In Pennsylvania and Ohio, EPA requirements are stringent and the company wanted a more reliable method of reporting.

While an EPA reporting was the initial motivation for contacting Weir, other issues were at play. Managing flowback is more than just avoiding overflows. It’s keeping flow rates within the sweet spot. Too much can collapse a formation. Too little can plug it. Accurate data is not only critical, it’s a lot to manage, particularly with multiple wells. In this case, the area was also remote, conditions were potentially hazardous, and manpower was an issue.

The Solution 

Weir recommended and installed the VGA-ISF, a Weir intelligent system configuration designed to measure the flow rate of return gas. Once in place, it allowed operators to monitor the data from multiple wells—instantaneously and automatically—accurately tracking information, even when switching from one well to another. This gave our customer a powerful analytical tool.

Operators would be able to monitor and quickly adjust for any anomalies, appropriating talent more cost-effectively. They would obtain the data they needed without dedicating man-hours to the task.

The Results

While providing accurate data for EPA reporting, the VGA-ISF improved safety and efficiency, reducing non-productive time and optimizing flowback operations.

For the company, this presented such an eye-opening opportunity that it requested additional customized configurations to accommodate larger-diameter pipe and greater flow rates. The request outpaced the current supply chain for control boxes, so Weir engineered a dual system of higher-capacity meters tied to a single control unit.

Convinced by the significant return-on-investment, the company will soon be implementing the VGA-IS system on a greater scale.


  • VGA-IS offers real-time local monitoring of wellbore gas returns for CH4 and total gas volumes, including a local H2S alarm
  • Operating in tandem with the Weir Eco-Tank ISL for flowback operations, it can let you to monitor, analyze, report, and store vent gas returns while monitoring liquid levels from the eco-tank
  • Instantaneous reporting of CH4 and total gas flow rates, along with total volume of CH4 and total gas over specific time periods and/or wells facilitates compliance
  • Remote access conveniently connects customers with data via text, email, or Cloud-based portal
  • Flow meter probe specialized for wet gas applications, to improve reliability and accuracy
  • Data can be stored, shared, and reported for future reference, as well as integrated into other data collection parameters for a more comprehensive evaluation
  • Simplified diagnostics and troubleshooting streamlines operations
  • VGA-IS is available for rent, with service centers in every basin; fully inspected and recertified after every job
  • Two-to-four weeks lead time are required for installation and deployment
  • System integrates with Pason, MDTotco, and other EDR platforms via WITS communication protocol or stand alone with GSM data transfer for flowback operations


  • Replaces guesswork with accurate measurements 
  • Allows for better wellbore and reservoir evaluation decisions and EPA reporting via precise historical data 
  • Provides convenient access to real-time data via local control panel


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