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Generating double-digit cost savings with legacy equipment

Oil and gas, petrochemical, refineries, power generation, and water and gas treatment plants realize 30% cost savings with legacy equipment that runs like new

Across the EMEA region, oil and gas operators, power generation companies, refineries, petrochemical plants, water treatment and gas treatment facilities have significant resources invested in legacy equipment that is essential to their operations. Cost savings are crucial for such businesses in the region, and extending the life of legacy equipment is always a goal. However, when that equipment is decades old it can become very challenging to keep it in operation. 

Legacy rotating equipment such as pumps, compressors and turbines can often be 30+ years old and present major problems when parts must be replaced or the equipment breaks. Due to the age of the equipment, the OEM often no longer exists and neither parts nor drawings are available, not even aftermarket, which leaves operators with nowhere to turn. In other instances, operators don’t receive support to refurbish a piece of legacy equipment if it isn’t a high dollar value item. A $10,000 piece of legacy equipment that breaks down may bring production to a halt, but the OEM is often unavailable to support such an inexpensive piece of machinery after such an extended period of time. 

When operators are confronted with these types of situations, they feel purchasing new, expensive machinery is the only option available to them because re-creating those equipment drawings and finding replacement parts simply doesn’t seem feasible.

However, an alternative is available to operators across UK, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Far East, Russia and Central Asia that enables them to keep their legacy equipment running like new to maximize their cost savings and uptime. Weir Oil & Gas’ EMEA team provides the region with an attractive, cost-effective option – complete rebuilds and re-engineering of legacy custom and standard equipment that is 30 percent less than the cost of new OEM equipment.

Weir’s global engineering expertise and depth allows the company to offer re-engineering solutions for pumps, compressors and gas and steam turbines (including Allen steam turbines) that include spare parts, redesigns and complete re-engineering.  

Weir’s re-engineered solutions are not only are 30 percent less expensive than new OEM equipment purchases but they are also delivered in just a few weeks compared to the standard six-month wait for new OEM equipment due to the company’s optimally located Middle East operations. When facilities and operators are brought to a halt because of inoperable equipment, the savings realized from reducing downtime from six months to a few weeks can be tens of thousands of dollars in bottom line impact.

Reliably re-engineering legacy parts and drawings require the kind of specialized engineering skill Weir possesses. Weir’s engineering team can create custom rebuild solutions and parts that make decades-old legacy equipment run like new, enabling operators more lifespan from their investment. 

This custom engineering solution for legacy equipment is an alternative that those beyond the oil and gas industry are relying on to increase uptime and lower costs. Power generation, petrochemical, water and gas treatment facilities, gas transmission and fertilizer companies also rely on Weir to rebuild and repair legacy equipment as they face the same challenge in keeping such machinery operational

Weir turbomachinery expertise covers a broad spectrum of design and analysis including:

  • Dynamics and structural engineering
  • Hydrodynamic engineering
  • Aerodynamic and thermodynamic engineering
  • Vibration and rotordynamics
  • Materials and design
  • Troubleshooting and failure analysis 
  • Consultancy    

Breakdown maintenance service is available to clients on a 24/7 basis, 365 days of the year with mobilization within 24 hours. Mobilization of commissioning and design engineers can usually occur within 48 hours. Rapid mobilization to overseas locations is also available. 

As technology moves forward, legacy equipment often must remain in place for several reasons; replacement cost and downtime being the most significant. Weir Oil & Gas fills a void in the EMEA region to reliably re-engineer such machinery so that it can continue to support facilities’ and operators’ needs.

The results speak for themselves. Weir Engineering Services reduces the cost of spare parts, lessens lead times and reduces inventory costs, all while increasing machinery availability and efficiency. Customers benefit from extended periods between overhauls and interventions with reductions in costs thanks to improved planning and effective maintenance. Equipment operates at optimum performance through technical excellence including upgrades and re-rates.


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