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New fluid end design increases packing life, decreases cost per pumping hour

VP Sales & Manufacturing (VP), a leading manufacturer and seller of high-quality frac fluid ends and replacement parts, launches Hercules 2 (H2), a new fluid end design with proprietary technology.

Fig. 1. The design has been engineered to decrease overall cost of ownership and cost per pumping hour.

The patent pending H2 design has been engineered to decrease overall cost of ownership and cost per pumping hour by eliminating stuck cap nuts, D-ring washouts, and increasing packing life, Fig. 1. Utilizing innovative compression seal technology versus the standard radial seal (D-ring), the H2 fluid end is designed to be disassembled within minutes in the field, allowing for faster maintenance between fracking stages and increased reliability between maintenance intervals.

“This is a completely new approach to solving an industry wide epidemic of fluid end failures in modern frac conditions. We wanted to give our clients a better solution for more fluid end hours, less washouts, less failures, and a simplified maintenance routine,” said Erik Perez, V.P. of VP Sales & Manufacturing.

The Hercules 2 provides the end user quick and easy access for maintenance, while eliminating problematic seal areas. No special tools are needed for this new frac fluid end, all that is required for disassembly is a 6# hammer.

“We want the industry to know that this is not just another fluid end, and we believe that this revolutionary design changes the frac fluid end industry,” said Perez.

H2 Field Data

Fig. 2. H2 field test conditions.

The Hercules 2 has an increased lifespan of more than 50% in some cases by eliminating common failure areas found on competitors fluid ends. The H2 fluid end has consistently shown service life of over 1,000 pumping hours and in many instances over 2,000 pumping hours.

Field data shows that the H2 sand cap seals have completed 162 stages without failure. Additionally, VP’s valves and seats completed 60+ stages without failure, Fig. 2.

About VP Sales Manufacturing:

VP Sales & Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer and provider of frac fluid ends, expendables, replacement parts, and centrifugal pumps. Headquartered in Alice, Texas, VP has continued to provide the highest quality oilfield products, oilfield product repairs and world-class service to ensure that our customers’ expectations are constantly exceeded. Our expertise ranges from mud pumps to workover rigs, hydraulic fracturing equipment and more. With more than 25 years in business, VP Sales & Manufacturing can assist today by analyzing and providing experience and solutions to meet all our customers’ fracking needs.

For more information, please visit our website www.vpsalesmfg.com.

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