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Transform complexity into a competitive advantage

Just as energy is continuously transforming, the energy and utility industry is too. One of its greatest challenges is to ensure business survival when commodity prices are at record lows and margins are close to zero. Adopting a "manufacturing mindset" to get more value from your data can help.

Global markets are becoming more dynamic and competitive. Businesses must walk a fine line to provide predictable performance and operate with excellence while also retaining a tight credit markets' confidence. Furthermore, the next "black swan" event could be just around the corner. The "new normal" is not higher or lower. It's an unprecedented need for business agility.

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Trend #1: Highly volatile markets

Trend #2: Changing market dynamics

Trend #3: Energy transition to “clean energy”

Trend #4: Digital transformation

Climate change is a big deal. As customers demand higher sustainability levels in the way energy is produced and consumed, businesses must prove they are part of the solution and not part of the problem. Doing so will require the creativity and resourcefulness of every employee and stakeholder.

Finally, digital transformation will allow knowledge workers to synchronize the company's physical and digital assets to take full advantage of every opportunity for innovation, optimization, and a brilliant path forward for the enterprise.

How to survive? With a creative vision of what's possible and an achievable plan to get there, of course. Siemens makes it possible with Digital Lifecycle Excellence.

Multi-domain solution in one

Asset Lifecycle Management

Synchronize the digital twin of your capital and operational assets with their physical assets to visualize, navigate, and analyze operational performance to improve responsiveness.

Systems Engineering

Apply a systems-driven approach that supports operational excellence by integrating project environments with asset information management, providing a unified framework that allows operations and performance engineering to work more efficiently.

Integrated Requirements Management

Ensure detailed project requirements are consistently and accurately delivered to ensure higher quality project execution.

Application Development Platform

Quickly connect industrial ecosystems and sources of internal knowledge using a modern cloud environment to produce unconventional insights that address business issues and opportunities unique to your organization.

Achieve outcomes to:

  • Improve operational excellence
  • Maximize digital lifecycle value and asset performance
  • Reduce unplanned events
  • Increase plant and asset uptime
  • Help identify trends

Transforming your energy

In this aggressive and dynamic industry, E&U businesses need to remain competitive by exploring new approaches to drive agility and innovation in their markets.

DLE can help you do just that. Create business value by consolidating, validating and better-leveraging the integrated enterprise data assets you already own.

  • Improve information availability and lower operational risks.
  • Connect the lifecycle of your capital projects to operational performance with a continuous digital thread that improves margins, responsiveness, and innovation.
  • Digitalize your data management to make better decisions faster.
  • Adopt a digital thread approach to optimize coordination and collaboration across internal project teams, suppliers, and all project stakeholders.
  • Reduce project delivery costs and maintenance costs.

About Siemens Digital Lifecycle Excellence for Energy & Utilities:

Digital Lifecycle Excellence for Energy & Utilities provides the foundation for improving efficiency and productivity in operations. Our solutions help companies in the Energy & Utility industry to accelerate their ability to optimize and innovate by learning how to apply their physical and digital assets to deliver top performance across all categories. For more information on Siemens Digital Lifecycle Excellence for Energy & Utilities, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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