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Modern SCADA: Put the Digital Oilfield at Your Fingertips

SCADA systems are taking on a bigger and more business-critical role as oil and gas producers modernize their operations in the digital oilfield.

A Heavy Industry in Korea Relies On Integrated Power Package

One heavy industry company in Korea has successfully completed many of the world's first and largest shipbuilding and offshore engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects. Now the goal is to establish global leadership in each of their participating market segments.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Boost Productivity During Power System Upgrades

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Boost Productivity During Power System Upgrades

Fuel Your Digital Oilfield With Analytics

Analytics can help optimize oil and gas equipment performance and predict failures

LLOG Improves Reliability, Realizes 99 Percent Uptime With New Offshore Floating Production System

Flexible, virtual modern DCS helps company achieve first production from a deepwater field in industry-leading time

Improve Oil & Gas Operator Effectiveness with a Modern DCS

What if all your operators could suddenly perform as well as your best operator?

Columbia Pipeline Group Reaches 99.5 Percent Availability With PlantPAx System

Systemwide process integration enabled by Rockwell Automation technologies saves pipeline company $2.3 million in maintenance and downtime.

Computers at the Wheel? See How AI Can Improve Your Equipment Maintenance Strategies

When you hear the words “artificial intelligence,” do you conjure up images of science fiction movies or robots taking over the world? You’re not alone. Wondering what AI really means? Or what “agents” are? Companies like yours are already taking advantage of this technology to improve operations. Remaining competitive in the future depends on it.

Solutions for Liquid Pipelines Video

Improve the operational performance of your liquid pipeline systems with the latest integrated control and information solutions.

ARC Resources Optimizes Artificial-Lift Systems With Connected Production Solution From Rockwell Automation

Continuous-improvement initiatives drove oil and gas producer ARC Resources to optimize the use of artificial-lift systems on its aging assets. With a ConnectedProduction solution from Rockwell Automation, the company gained better visibility and enhanced safety at one of its multi-well pad sites. Now, the company is looking to bring the technology to its other large, multi-well pad operations and use it on new pads from day one.

Intelligent Artificial Lift Systems Improve Digital Oilfield Operations

Oil and gas producers are feeling the pressure in a down market to get the most from their existing assets and wellheads. New technologies and capabilities available in the digital oilfield can help them do just that. By using low-cost sensors, intelligent assets and information tools, producers can get more data and better control from their artificial lift systems. This can help them improve visibility into operations, optimize production and cut costs.

Rethinking Control Systems for Multi-Well Pads

The evolution from single-well to multi-well pads has created much greater data and control requirements. With RTUs being pushed to their limits, a PLC-based system approach offers a new way forward.