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Focus on energy

Since its founding in the 1950s, LAGCOE - a nonprofit organization rooted in the energy industry - has been dedicated to the growth of the energy sector through facilitating domestic and international business development and fostering a pipeline for the energy workforce. Through its biennial technical expositions and conferences, as well as its educational programming, the organization focuses on three goals as they strive to build a robust community of energy specialists:

  • Promoting commerce through opportunities to connect with global businesses and the latest technological innovations
  • Fostering education by offering opportunities for individual advancement from high school to retirement
  • Connecting people through learning and networking events

For 63 years and counting, LAGCOE has provided countless opportunities for individuals and companies alike to grow alongside the fast-paced energy industry. LAGCOE 2019, held Oct. 9-11 in New Orleans, La., will mark the 64th Anniversary of this innovative international event.

Promoting commerce and innovation

Throughout its history, LAGCOE has organized and supported countless opportunities for both its members and the global energy community. Held every two years, the expositions and conferences provide an ongoing platform for industry leaders and innovators to conduct business, share technological advances, and nurture professional relationships while highlighting the Gulf Coast’s technical innovations to the world.

The event has grown to include hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees, all while showcasing the latest technological advances and newest innovators in the energy industry. LAGCOE provides a unique opportunity to connect with the global energy community.

Fostering education for a sustainable community

A sustainable community for the energy industry requires a commitment to continual education. LAGCOE has always been dedicated to nurturing the future of the energy sector. This dedication led to the creation of the LAGCOE Education Fund, a branch of the organization that provides funding for new projects and has established scholarships and endowed professorships at local colleges and universities.

In 2013 and 2015, 250 students from 15 schools and eight Louisiana parishes toured the technical expositions and conferences. From those students, the LAGCOE Education Fund selected five of them to receive $43,000 in funding through its Future Energy Professionals Scholarships. Through the Young Professionals of LAGCOE, the organization continues to foster the next generation of energy industry professionals by connecting them with mentorship and networking opportunities and helping them to develop the skills needed to become successful leaders. This group was founded with the hopes of these young professionals one day taking the reins of LAGCOE as they’re invited to serve on planning committees.

Connecting people across the industry

A strong community is built on a vast network of meaningful connections. LAGCOE provides countless opportunities for individuals and businesses to connect with one another, all with the aim of advancing the Gulf Coast as a global hub within the energy industry. Outside of its technical exposition and conference, the organization hosts numerous events and opportunities crafted with the intent to develop careers, establish networks, and strengthen the industry.

LAGCOE strives to connect people of all ages and walks of life, as well as provide a platform for new opportunities in career development, mentor programs, and networking events; thus, yielding the opportunity for new industry innovators to pitch their ideas in front of an audience of investors. With a commitment to cultivating connections, LAGCOE plays a key role in the future of the energy industry.

63 years of community and innovation

Since 1955, LAGCOE has moved from an oil-focused industry exposition to include all energy sectors in order to encompass the growth within the Louisiana market and the global market. At LAGCOE 2017 alone, the exposition moved from an upstream-centered event into the midstream, maritime, and LNG industries, expanding its reach and creating new possibilities for the organization and its members. It is now one of the staple expositions in the energy industry.

To date, LAGCOE 2019 remains the only oil and gas conference and exposition in the state of Louisiana. It has grown to include a multitude of other avenues that help the organization fulfill its mission of cultivating economic growth in the energy industry, facilitating domestic and global business development, and promoting the energy workforce pipeline.

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