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The Rise of Digital Industrial Technology

The rise of digital industrial technology, known as Industry 4.0, has brought with it a transformation that makes it possible to create a Smart Digital Twin for any offshore or onshore facility.  
Digital transformation of the customer's assets starts with 3D Data Capturing, also known as laser scanning. JP Global Digital's 3D Digital Data Capturing Solution is an automatic surveying system that captures the orientation of any capital asset, project or topographic area. It accurately and efficiently captures 3D Data in a wide variety of settings regardless of size and scope.
To capture this data, JP offers 3D Laser Scanning for Terrestrial and Aerial. The Terrestrial component offers a 3D view of capital assets, a 360-degree realistic view, thermographic view, millimetric accuracy, and georeference. In addition, JP's Aerial component features an aerial 3D view, centimeter accuracy, and 3D georeference.
The next step in the digital process is to create a precise, 3D model that represents the as-is documentation or digital twin. JP's 3D BIM Model produces a revised piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) and updated documentation, identifies predictive and preventative maintenance, inspection data management, and asset integrity analysis.
Next, the P&ID's are revised and linked to the customer's bespoke 3D Digital Twin. The engineering operations and asset management teams can now have non-stop remote access to the site. With one click, the engineer can generate isometric drawings, bills of material, and P&ID revisions.
Customers can now use JP's certified technology to train employees through virtual or augmented reality.  By combining digital twin with JP's virtual reality devices, the customer can transform how maintenance, operations, and asset management are executed. The customer's supply chain can also equally benefit from the Smart Digital Twin by improving the quality and efficiency during planning and decision making.
JP also offers a 3D Model solution to perform simulations, clash detection, deformation analysis, and design tie-ins. The 3D Digital Capturing Technology is used to create a clear and precise digital record of an asset's or project's existing conditions. This record is then used for design and technical documentation that helps replace manual drafting with JP's efficient automated process.
JP's 3D Visualization Tool - 3D JP Interactive Viewer™ features the ability to visualize and manage multiple Point Clouds (data produced by 3D scanners) and 3D models in a user-friendly platform. This tool allows the customer to manage and interpret large datasets so that better decisions can be made across multiple teams, globally.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions, provided by JP, offer an immersive experience into the customer's facility, providing an opportunity to interact with their assets. Using JP's highly intelligent application, the customer can test planned procedures, review and verify modifications, and provide training simulations, all from a safe environment.
JP Global Digital offers a unique business model and an “end to end” service portfolio that supplies an individualized 3D Smart Digital Twin. Combining this Smart Digital Twin with our JP viewer technology customers have the ability to bring their oil and gas business into the future of the Industry 4.0 market.

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