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The Latest 3D Asset Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas assets are significant investments. They tend to be very pricey and heavily regulated in the market. Therefore, asset management has to be done in a proactive and predictive manner for the health of any oil and gas industry business.

Implementing an asset management plan for your oil and gas company takes careful planning and execution, both of which can be accomplished using the right digital tools to manage any valuable capital asset.

 JP Global Digital’s Smart Digital Twin is the industry’s most advanced 3D tool for cost-efficient and accurate asset management. The intelligent 3D model uses the latest 3D design technology, coupled with 3D Digital Data Capturing technology, to provide the insight and tools needed to be more efficient when planning, designing, and managing projects.

 Smart Digital Twin proves to be an effective tool in digital transformation. The 3D digital model is formed from a cloud-based, virtual image of indoor or outdoor assets, generated from data capturing and gathering.

 The data is then collected using terrestrial 3D laser scanners from our partner Zoller + Fröhlich, for further optimization in the modeling stage. JP Global Digital uses this field data to create a realistic CAD model. The process continues by adding measurements, thickness, equipment identification number, and so on.

  Once the CAD model includes all available information, a Smart Digital Twin is generated and ready to be visualized on the JP Interactive Viewer for more efficient management of important capital assets. The JP Interactive Viewer is a browser-based platform used remotely to visualize Smart Digital Twin, and promotes the flow of information between key departments and management.

 For example, on the JP Interactive Viewer users can add notations regarding upcoming maintenance, or alert the inventory department about pieces of equipment that will soon need to be replaced. Using these tools, JP Global Digital can assist businesses through all stages of digital transformation to help unlock future savings through the life cycle of their assets.

 Smart Digital Twin displays useful data on which management decisions will be based. It provides current information about the physical plant that can be used to manage maintenance activities, increase the lifecycle of valuable equipment and more. When maintenance management is enhanced by the use of digital solutions, businesses can expect lower rates of failure, reduced maintenance costs, and an increase in capacity.

 JP Global Digital delivers an almost exact digital replica that contains the physical plant’s assets and structures at the moment it was scanned. Additionally, Smart Digital Twin is an evolving digital solution, which can be updated in tandem with changes made to the digital model’s physical counterpart. For more information, click here to visit our website. 





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