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JP Global Digital is Making the Digital Twin a Reality

Managers in oil & gas and chemical plants are always seeking safer facilities, greater efficiency, decreased operating costs, higher reliability, and higher productivity for both the plant and their personnel. One of the key enablers promising to help in all of those areas is the “digital twin.” That term is all the buzz right now. But it means different things to different people. What does it mean to you?

JP Global Digital believes there is no single answer - because its Smart Digital Twin offers benefits for just about all work being done in onshore plants and on offshore platforms and floating facilities. Let us consider just a few areas.

For HSE, there is an ongoing need to safely familiarize new personnel and short-term contractors with the plant. What better way than to show them around the plant in 3D before even stepping foot in it? Once they are in the plant, their locations can be verified, and even combined with CCTV and visual work permits.

For Operations, there are certainly the displays in the control room and other places and ways to see what is happening in near real-time. But a 3D digital twin, linked to the same operating information, and colorfully highlighting equipment, lines, and instruments where attention is needed, is the clearest and simplest way to know what and where things are happening. No over-simplified schematics - everything is displayed together in context.

For Maintenance, there are so many areas where 3D adds value through clarity. There are shutdown and lockout/tag-out procedures where knowing exactly where to go and which valve to open or close is very important. Here again, color-coded visual work permits can clearly show where things are happening and where things are not supposed to be happening. And how great is it when you can enter a quick search to find equipment, a valve, an instrument or a corrosion circuit, and then click on it to learn everything you need to know - from installation, inspection and maintenance dates to spares inventories. And speaking of inspection for asset integrity… you may throw away those one-pipe stick-figure isometrics in preference to seeing everything, all at once in full 3D, and colorized to clearly show the health of your assets.

Roger Rapp, Director of Technology & Innovation.

For Projects (and maintenance for that matter), you can use the 3D model to quickly determine available space, tie-in points and accessibility for your modifications, new installations, and turnarounds.

The list is virtually (pun intended) endless when you combine the Smart Digital Twin with any or all of your plant data and information sources.

JP Global Digital can scan your plant, and build an intelligent 3D model while at the same time verifying your P&IDs are up to date - and then link the model to the data sources or sensors where you will gain the most value. That is smart and is what JP Global Digital can deliver.

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