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Maintain production long-term and increase recovery while lowering costs

Proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology for North Sea applications

Scale deposition downhole has the potential to cause major blockages in tubulars and proppant packs, severely limiting the effectiveness of downhole pumping equipment. Traditional scale inhibitor delivery solutions, such as chemical injection systems and remedial chemical squeezes, can be inefficient and expensive. These production assurance treatments also often require repeated applications, due to their short effective treatment life.

CARBO’s SCALEGUARD® represents an alternative to these ineffective methods of scale inhibition. Since its introduction in 2013, SCALEGUARD has been used on hundreds of wells with a high rate of success, dramatically reducing lease operating expenses. SCALEGUARD is a porous ceramic proppant infused with scale inhibitors and engineered with an innovative controlled release technology. The proppant-delivered technology is placed throughout the entire fracture as part of the standard fracturing process. A single treatment can be designed to safeguard the entire production system—from the fracture, through the wellbore, to the surface processing equipment. The technology is proven to prevent scale deposition through the entire production system for up to the life of the well, sustaining production rates while eliminating scale related well costs.

Besides being mixed with a traditional frac, SCALEGUARD can also be used as gravel pack media or as an additive. As an additive SCALEGUARD can be placed with acid during a well cleanout or stimulation. The successful placement of SCALEGUARD in acid has been achieved and allowed the operator to inhibit further scale deposition in a well that had been previously completed.

North Sea benefits

Registered for use in North Sea applications, SCALEGUARD is fully compliant with European Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations. Use of SCALEGUARD enables operators to avoid the high costs of offshore intervention by eliminating offshore chemical transport costs and removing the need for chemical injection and storage equipment.

In a challenging offshore locations such as the North Sea, operators can sometimes be days away from being
able to remediate any issues once they arise. Considering the logistical constraints and the cost of alternative scale inhibitor delivery solutions, SCALEGUARD acts as a form of ‘insurance policy’ for operators, one which prevents the scale from forming in the first place and enables them to operate the wells with an added degree of confidence in their integrity. To date, SCALEGUARD has been deployed across the US in every major basin including the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska, as well as Canada.

Unique features

SCALEGUARD technology provides effective, long-term protection while reducing chemical consumption and treatment costs.

  • Controlled release technology ensures that scale-generating water is inhibited at a designed rate so that residual levels remain above the minimum inhibitor concentration (MIC) determined for each application.
  • Scale-inhibiting chemicals infused within the proppant are released into the fracture only on contact with water.
  • The production assurance chemicals are placed directly in the fracture where they are needed to avoid chemical washout.
  • Long lasting treatment lifetime can be designed to inhibit scale formation for the life of the well

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