WorldOil Under pressure: how VAM® SLIJ-3 meets the needs of HP/HT ultra-deepwater projects The VAM® SLIJ-3 design is part of the latest generation of VAM® semi-flush premium connections suited for the most critical applications. Developed targeting 20K applications like Chevron's Anchor Project (Gulf of Mexico), and tested to the most stringent industry standards, it offers exceptional performances for deep offshore wells. Nord Stream 2 to complete first of two branches as soon as June The pipelaying vessel Fortuna is expected to complete works in Danish seas by the middle of the last week of May, and then start in German waters with construction going through to June. Safe Influx granted patent for novel Automated Well Control technology This patent recognizes the ability of the Automated Well Control to detect the presence of a fluid influx condition in a wellbore, make a decision against criteria to shut-in, and then automatically initiate an initial well control protocol that results in the well being safely shut-in. Russia accelerates Nord Stream 2 project to beat U.S. sanctions When complete, Nord Stream 2 will allow Russia to expand deliveries of gas to Europe and circumvent the traditional transport corridor through Ukraine. The U.S. and Eastern European nations say the pipeline will make Germany and the European Union too reliant on Russian gas. Equinor stakes NOK 3 billion to improve Statfjord Ost oil recovery Equinor and its license partners have decided to invest NOK 3 billion in the North Sea Statfjord Øst field to improve recovery by 23 million barrels of oil equivalent. BP, Reliance start gas production on India’s ultra-deepwater KG D6 field RIL and BP are developing three deepwater gas projects in block KG D6 – R Cluster, Satellites Cluster and MJ – which together are expected to meet ~15% of India’s gas demand by 2023. Baker Hughes launches engageSubsea real-time operational management platform engageSubsea remote serves as an equipment inspection tool, technical support and operational management platform, and is designed to drive operational excellence and increase capital productivity for offshore oil and gas operators. Aker Solutions lands two key Equinor Northern Lights CO2 contracts Northern Lights is part of the Norwegian government’s Longship project for establishing full scale CO2 capture, transport and storage facilities in line with the country’s international climate agreements. Oceaneering wins connector supply contract from TechnipFMC The M5 connector provides an easy-to-install, fly-to-place connection solution that enables injection of gas or chemicals into subsea infrastructure and serves as an access point for future subsea field intervention activities such as gas lift, chemical injection, well stimulation, hydrate remediation, flooding and venting operations, acid injection and scale squeeze. Trump keeps door open for expanded offshore drilling The proposal under development is set to outline potential sales of long-plumbed territory in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as waters around Alaska and near Southern California, where exploratory oil drilling was last conducted decades ago. Atlantic waters near the coasts of Maryland and Delaware are also included in the proposed sale program.