WorldOil PESA president rebuts Biden’s energy stance While it’s true the energy ecosystem is in transition, former Vice President Biden is incorrect that it means replacing one form of energy with another or phasing out oil and gas. EQT pursues takeover of rival CNX Resources EQT Corp., the biggest producer of U.S. natural gas, is seeking to acquire rival CNX Resources Corp., according to people familiar with the matter, as MandA accelerates in the distressed shale patch. Trump leverages Biden’s oil stance as a warning to swing state voters After the debate, Biden sought to emphasize that the fossil fuel industry wouldn’t “be gone” until 2050, and that oil workers are “not going to lose their jobs.” Argentina pledges $5.1 billion subsidy for Vaca Muerta shale drillers Energy Secretary Dario Martinez said spending on subsidies is still better than the alternative of buying LNG cargoes, despite low current prices. “We’ve done the analysis and we really benefit from doing this,” Martinez told reporters in Buenos Aires Wednesday. Harold Hamm projects $6 gasoline under Joe Biden’s energy regime Biden’s plans would have uneven impacts within the oil and gas sector, particularly hurting companies with significant investments on federal land. Other producers, such as Pioneer Natural Resources Co. and Hamm’s Continental Resources, which do not have federal oil leases, might see their holdings swell in value. API fact-checks the presidential debate’s energy positions The American Petroleum Institute corrected the record on discussions about a fracking ban, implementing a carbon-free power sector by 2035, replacing natural gas and oil jobs with clean energy jobs, and policies to reduce CO2 emissions. Executive orders would give Biden options to limit oil and gas production There are several ways Biden could halt fracking on federal lands using executive power. He could ban new oil and gas leases, halt new permits, or seek a specific regulatory ban on fracking, all of which Biden has telegraphed at one point or another on the campaign trail. Exxon CEO reveals layoffs as low oil prices drive “tough decisions” Exxon’s stock has plunged 52% this year and the company all but ended its aggressive, $30 billion-a-year counter-cyclical growth strategy. Rivals such as BP and Chevron have also announced large layoffs in recent weeks. U.S. shale mergers reshuffle the oil production landscape “There’s only going to be three or four independents that are investable by shareholders” after the recent market rout, Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield said on a conference call with analysts. “The best companies have been picked off the past few weeks.” Pioneer Natural Resources merger deal could see father-son conflict challenge Pioneer Natural Resources Co. is in discussions to buy rival Parsley Energy Inc. in an all-stock deal that could be finalized by the end of the month, according to a person familiar with the matter. Pioneer is run by Scott Sheffield, while his son Bryan is Parsley’s founder and chairman.