WorldOil Rosneft shifts exports to affiliate, skirting U.S. sanctions on Venezuela There are already signs that the latest U.S. sanctions thrown at Venezuela are failing. Special Focus: 2020 Forecast - Washington Outlook While attention is focused on the national elections, there are ominous policies gestating at the state and local government levels. API highlights economic impacts of a fracing ban in new video The American Petroleum Institute released a new video to coincide with Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate that addresses what it says supporters of a fracing ban won’t discuss – its cost to America. Texas regulator says stricter flaring rules would increase global CO₂ levels Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton recommends a new methodology for measuring gas flaring, saying that acting based on current measurements would only increase greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. U.S. sanctions on Rosneft crimp Venezuela’s main source of cash Rosneft Trading, the main exporter of Venezuelan crude, was targeted by the U.S. for helping to sell the commodity that bankrolls Maduro. U.S. sanctions Russian producer over links to PDVSA The U.S. sanctioned a unit of Russia’s largest oil producer Rosneft PJSC for maintaining ties with Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro and state-run oil company PDVSA. Vessel option emerges to complete sanctioned Nord Stream 2 pipeline A Russian pipe-laying vessel is on the move in the Far East, feeding speculation that Gazprom PJSC will work out a way to circumvent U.S. sanctions and complete a controversial natural gas link. U.S. says sanctions mean Russia can’t finish Nord Stream 2 pipeline Asked about Russian efforts to circumvent U.S. sanctions on the pipeline by completing it on its own, U.S. Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said “they can’t” -- and dismissed claims that project owner Gazprom PJSC will face only a short delay. New GOP climate plan focuses on innovation, conservation House Republicans will begin revealing on Wednesday their plan to combat climate change that comports with conservative principles of less regulation and increased domestic energy development. Chevron’s Venezuela output jumps as U.S. considers more sanctions Chevron has ramped up output at a key Venezuela oil project to levels not seen in almost a year, offering a thorny reminder of how U.S. sanctions are failing to deliver a knockout of Nicolas Maduro’s regime.