WorldOil Texas regulator says stricter flaring rules would increase global CO₂ levels Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton recommends a new methodology for measuring gas flaring, saying that acting based on current measurements would only increase greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. CGG, Fairfield team up on new Permian multi-client seismic program The new wide-azimuth datasets will provide a better understanding of the structural complexity of the transition between the Central Basin Platform and surrounding basins to enhance industry drilling efforts. Daily Brief podcast, Tuesday, February 11th In today's episode, we look at what the coronavirus is doing to Chinese gas demand, and the rare steps China is taking in response; gas prices in the U.S. fall to a four-year low; and oil holds around $50 in spite of OPEC's inaction. Texas energy regulator prepares first-of-its-kind report on flaring trends The report will showcase flaring trends, its proportion to surging oil production and potentially a list of the best and worst operators, said Ryan Sitton, a member of the Texas Railroad Commission. Oil and gas industry contracts, production still increases in Texas during 2019 According to the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers (TAEP) Texas Petro Index (TPI), 2019 was a year of contraction in the Texas upstream oil and gas economy. This is the key finding enunciated by TAEP Executive Vice President and Economist Karr Ingham during a briefing for industry media in Houston on Tuesday. Oilfield Helping Hands to host 2nd Annual Black Gold Bash benefit concert in Midland, Texas Oilfield Helping Hands (OHH) and Roseland Oil and Gas are holding the 2nd Annual Black Gold Bash: a benefit concert featuring Randy Rogers Band and The Hamiltons on March 25, 2020, at Midland County Horseshoe Amphitheatre. Texas Railroad Commission launches two more interactive statewide data maps The Railroad Commission of Texas launched two more interactive data maps showing oil and gas drilling permit approvals and the number of wells spudded. Information is displayed by counts, operators, county locations and on a statewide level. This year’s other big climate election is for a Texas oil and gas official An election held in the U.S. in 2020 could do a lot to shape global climate outcomes in the immediate future. It won’t feature Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren, and the winner won’t live in the White House. U.S. shale has already peaked for major service companies U.S. shale oil fracking has already peaked and is in a period of sustained contraction, according to two major providers of services to the industry. Texas processing drilling permits at record pace For two years in a row since 2018, Railroad Commission of Texas staff have set a historic record of taking just two days on average to process standard drilling permits, one day below the legislative requirement.