WorldOil AMLO makes headway towards reinstating Mexico’s state energy monopoly Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has sought to clamp down on private competition to state-owned companies, saying in October he intends to protect the interests of state oil producer Pemex and electricity firm Comision Federal de Electricidad. At the time, he accused foreign companies of ransacking the country. Mexico’s president pushes nationalist agenda after Texas gas disruption AMLO has turned the Texas freeze crisis into a rallying cry for more energy independence, weaponizing it to advance a nationalist agenda that has implications beyond natural gas imports and threatens tens of billions of dollars of investments in renewable energy by U.S., Canadian and European energy companies. Upstart driller seeks to break Mexico’s dependence on Texas natural gas An upstart driller in Mexico aims to provide 10% of the country’s natural gas needs as it develops prospects south of Texas’s border. Mexico plans tax breaks for Pemex among limited fiscal aid options Lowering Mexico's tax demands on Pemex, its biggest taxpayer, could help the oil giant reorder its finances as it struggles with a $110.3 billion debt load, sinking production, and some of the highest tax obligations of any oil company in the world. Petrofac completes sale of its Mexican operational interests Petrofac Limited announced that the Group has completed the sale of its remaining 51% interest in its upstream IES operations in Mexico, including Santuario, Magallanes and Arenque, to Perenco Energies International Limited. Pemex suspends oilfield services contracts, ending thousands of jobs Mexico’s state oil giant is suspending contracts with service providers and suppliers, triggering thousands of job losses, people with direct knowledge of the situation said. Simmons Edeco completes first Mexican drilling contract for Newpek SIMMONS EDECO has successfully completed its first drilling contract for Mexico oil and gas operator Newpek, a division of Grupo Alfa, a major player in the food, IT, and automotive sectors in Mexico. Mexico’s curious clean-energy credit use deters renewable energy development The government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is changing rules for clean-energy credits, allowing aging hydroelectric dams operated by Mexico’s state-owned utility to qualify. The move, critics say, dilutes the value of credits initially intended for new wind and solar farms. Petrofac sells remaining 51% of Mexican operations Petrofac has signed an agreement to sell its remaining 51% interest in its operations in Mexico, including Santuario, Magallanes and Arenque, to Perenco International. Swire and Whittaker partner up to enter Mexico market Whittaker Mexicana will offer a full range of Swire Oilfield Services DNV 2.7-1 certified units included Offshore Containers, baskets, waste skips and tanks to support the increased international operators drilling campaigns across Mexico.