WorldOil McDermott's CBandI Storage Solutions awarded LNG storage contract for Philippines' first LNG import terminal McDermott International, Ltd announced that its CBandI Storage Solutions business has been awarded a contract by Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Company of Manila Inc. (AGandP) for the engineering, procurement and construction of an LNG storage tank for AGandP's Philippines LNG import and regasification terminal, currently under construction in Batangas, Philippines. Islamic State attacks turn Mozambique’s LNG boom into a bust Mozambican businesses looking to cash in on Africa’s biggest private investment are facing disaster after an attack by Islamic State-linked militants on a town close to Total SE’s $20 billion natural gas export project. Global LNG demand climbs to year-long highs Imports jumped 5.8% in March from a year earlier, the biggest increase since March 2020. Demand for the fuel used in heating and power generation had been steadily growing before Covid-19, as nations shift away from coal-fired power over climate concerns. Total provides refuge for 10,000 at its Mozambique LNG site after Islamic State attack An estimated 10,000 people fleeing an insurgent attack in northern Mozambique have sought refuge in a village within the concession area of Total SE’s $20 billion natural gas project, with more still arriving, according to two people with direct knowledge. Dozens killed in Islamic State raid near Total Mozambique LNG project It’s the latest in a series of incidents that are undermining the southern African country’s hopes of developing some of the continent’s biggest private investment projects. As much as $120 billion of investments by Total, Exxon Mobil Corp. and other companies may be approved by 2026, according to Standard Bank Group Ltd. Rebel attack leads Total to evacuate Mozambique LNG staff Total SE is evacuating most of the remaining employees from its liquefied natural gas project in northern Mozambique as insurgents attacked a town nearby, throwing Africa’s biggest private investment into disarray. US LNG exports: Uneven pathway from oilfields to terminals Analysts believe a second wave of global LNG demand is coming in the mid-part of this decade, despite 2020's severe downturn in global energy markets. Asia’s LNG demand upends global gas pricing models Asia’s emergence as global natural gas trading superpower will increasingly dictate market rates in Europe for a once-localized commodity that was simply linked to the price of oil. ADNOC and Petronas ink upstream and downstream tech collaboration deal The first-ever agreement between both companies builds on the strong bilateral ties between the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia and underscores ADNOC’s expanded approach to strategic partnerships that is enabling it to unlock and maximize value across its entire portfolio as it delivers its 2030 strategy. Israel and Egypt discuss natural gas pipeline link The announcement comes as nations in the eastern Mediterranean ramp up investments in offshore gas fields. Egypt is seeking to become a major hub for exporting LNG to Europe, where demand is growing as governments transition from dirtier fossil fuels such as coal and oil.