WorldOil Total’s CEO Pouyanne plots successful course while competitors stumble Europe’s oil giants came into 2020 promising shareholders they can “do it all” -- maintain generous dividends, keep the crude flowing and make a historic shift toward clean energy. Only one of them may succeed. OTC announces 2020 Spotlight on New Technology Awards recipients The Spotlight on New Technology Award recognizes companies that have created new and advanced technologies that play a role in advancing the offshore oil and gas sector into the forthcoming years. Trendsetter Vulcan Offshore experts collaborate to develop coronavirus PPE Trendsetter Vulcan Offshore (TVO), a developer of innovative solutions for the offshore industry, has collaborated with local pulmonary and critical care physician Luis E. Chug, MD, to introduce personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic. ExxonMobil joins COVID-19 fight, helping develop multi-use PPE for clinical settings ExxonMobil is applying its deep knowledge and experience with polymer-based technologies, in partnership with the Global Center for Medical Innovation, to facilitate development and expedite third-party production of innovative safety equipment that can be sterilized and worn multiple times. ‘Smart water’ may help maximize reservoir production Scientists at Rice University’s Brown School of Engineering show that microscopic saltwater droplets emulsify crude oil when each has the right composition. Understanding how they combine is important to enhanced oil recovery. Texas AandM researchers create advanced drilling advisory system that opens door to autonomous drilling The U.S. Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Research Program has awarded a Phase I grant to E-Spectrum Technologies and Dr. Eduardo Gildin, associate professor in the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas AandM University, to create an advanced advisory system that accurately depicts underground conditions in real time during drilling operations. Shell and Rice University partner on hydrocarbon-based zero-emissions technologies Rice University has launched Carbon Hub, a major research initiative to create a zero-emissions future in which oil and natural gas provide both clean energy and advanced materials that help house, move, clothe and feed people. Petroleum Economist reveals 2019 awards winners Honoring the global energy industry's most successful firms, projects and innovations, Petroleum Economist has announced the winners of its 2019 Petroleum Economist Awards in 10 categories. Additionally, five awards were given to outstanding individuals for their industry contributions. Hunting to seek innovative partnership opportunities at its Stavanger TEK-HUB Hunting’s TEK-HUB is opening the technology initiative in a bid to support energy industry innovators in Europe and beyond. LAGCOE keynote explores industry’s role in technical and social innovation Kevin Krausert, president and CEO of Canada’s Beaver Drilling, opened Day Two of the LAGCOE 2019 conference, with the goal of helping the oil and gas industry maintain its long-standing role as a source of both technical and social innovation.