WorldOil Harold Hamm projects $6 gasoline under Joe Biden’s energy regime Biden’s plans would have uneven impacts within the oil and gas sector, particularly hurting companies with significant investments on federal land. Other producers, such as Pioneer Natural Resources Co. and Hamm’s Continental Resources, which do not have federal oil leases, might see their holdings swell in value. Oil and gasoline futures dive on mounting U.S. stockpiles Domestic gasoline inventories rose 1.9 million barrels last week, the biggest increase since May, while a measure of gasoline consumption slid to the lowest since late September, according to an Energy Information Administration report. The mounting fuel supplies and lackluster demand may worsen during the normally sluggish winter driving months. U.S. shale mergers reshuffle the oil production landscape “There’s only going to be three or four independents that are investable by shareholders” after the recent market rout, Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield said on a conference call with analysts. “The best companies have been picked off the past few weeks.” CGG delivers global geothermal resource study to support client’s energy transition strategy The study evaluates the scale of the potential for geothermal energy around the world and provides insight into the role this alternative energy source can play in electrical power generation and heating within the energy transition. Recent deals reveal a buyer’s market for shale operators Concho Resources Inc., an early explorer of the Permian basin’s once-coveted oil riches that was worth $32 billion just two years ago, is selling for $9.7 billion in stock. ConocoPhillips is paying a meager 15% premium over Concho’s closing price on Oct. 13, the last trading session before Bloomberg News first reported the companies were in talks. Biden’s green energy plan seeks to end natural gas use within 15 years The former vice president’s efforts to walk a tightrope on gas reflect the fossil fuel’s precarious place in the economy. For now, it’s an essential part of American life. Opening our minds will deliver lasting change By embracing openness while valuing partnerships and collaboration, and by sharing information and data, the EandP industry will develop better solutions quickly, and become more sustainable and responsible, faster. Advanced data techniques streamline access to digital information As the big crew change continues, operators have a wealth of digitally stored knowledge, for which less-experienced technical staff need innovative AI-based tools to efficiently access this valuable operational information. Pressures from inside and outside OPEC+ compel a new production plan With oil stuck at around $40, and more supply coming online from Libya, the cartel is now under pressure to revise its plan to ease those output cuts. It has already relaxed them by about 2 million barrels a day, and is due to add another 1.9 million in January. Halliburton CEO sees a rebound coming for U.S. shale drilling “The pace of activity declines in the international markets is slowing, while the North America industry structure continues to improve, and activity is stabilizing,” Halliburton CEO Jeff Miller said in a statement.