WorldOil PESA president rebuts Biden’s energy stance While it’s true the energy ecosystem is in transition, former Vice President Biden is incorrect that it means replacing one form of energy with another or phasing out oil and gas. EQT pursues takeover of rival CNX Resources EQT Corp., the biggest producer of U.S. natural gas, is seeking to acquire rival CNX Resources Corp., according to people familiar with the matter, as MandA accelerates in the distressed shale patch. Argentina pledges $5.1 billion subsidy for Vaca Muerta shale drillers Energy Secretary Dario Martinez said spending on subsidies is still better than the alternative of buying LNG cargoes, despite low current prices. “We’ve done the analysis and we really benefit from doing this,” Martinez told reporters in Buenos Aires Wednesday. API fact-checks the presidential debate’s energy positions The American Petroleum Institute corrected the record on discussions about a fracking ban, implementing a carbon-free power sector by 2035, replacing natural gas and oil jobs with clean energy jobs, and policies to reduce CO2 emissions. Executive orders would give Biden options to limit oil and gas production There are several ways Biden could halt fracking on federal lands using executive power. He could ban new oil and gas leases, halt new permits, or seek a specific regulatory ban on fracking, all of which Biden has telegraphed at one point or another on the campaign trail. Pioneer Natural Resources merger deal could see father-son conflict challenge Pioneer Natural Resources Co. is in discussions to buy rival Parsley Energy Inc. in an all-stock deal that could be finalized by the end of the month, according to a person familiar with the matter. Pioneer is run by Scott Sheffield, while his son Bryan is Parsley’s founder and chairman. Recent deals reveal a buyer’s market for shale operators Concho Resources Inc., an early explorer of the Permian basin’s once-coveted oil riches that was worth $32 billion just two years ago, is selling for $9.7 billion in stock. ConocoPhillips is paying a meager 15% premium over Concho’s closing price on Oct. 13, the last trading session before Bloomberg News first reported the companies were in talks. Conoco agrees to $9.7 billion Concho Resources purchase The combination Conoco and Concho will be one of the dominant operators in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico, rivaling only the likes of Occidental Petroleum Corp. and Chevron Corp. in terms of crude output. What the drilling rig count's ongoing climb says about the future of crude oil production While opinions differ on oil demand and production rates, a fourth week of growth in the rig count appears to prove some projections right, while invalidating others. Despite a challenging environment, the OFS sector has a major role in energy’s future World Oil talks with PESA President Leslie Beyer about the key issues facing the sector in 2020 and beyond.