WorldOil Ghana reconsiders oil’s role in its economy as prices fall The global slump in crude prices is giving Ghana a chance to rethink its dependence on a sector that was its key driver of economic growth in recent years. Senior Canadian officials unite to support offshore industry Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Dwight Ball, along with provincial Minister of Natural Resources Siobhan Coady, expressed support for a focused initiative to persuade the federal government to provide immediate assistance to East Canada’s offshore industry, which has been hit hard by Covid-19 and the collapse of oil prices. Daily Brief podcast: A look ahead at the coming week in oil and gas, May 25-29 Key trends for the coming week, including how industry groups' response to low oil prices differ dramatically in the U.S. versus other producing nations, China's big plans for its economy, and investment analysts turning their backs on key sectors of the industry. U.S. projects falling rig counts, crude production through 2021 Based on capex cuts, falling drilling rig counts, and voluntary production curtailments, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projects domestic crude production to decline through 2021. Interior chief predicts interest in Alaska National Wildlife Reserve leases despite oil price crash Bleak crude prices and fuel demand forecasts won’t blunt oil company bidding for Arctic drilling rights, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said Monday. China’s state producers slash $19 billion from 2020 capex budgets Despite marching orders from China’s top leader Xi Jinping to maximize oil and gas production, the energy sector is bending to the reality of the pandemic-fueled market collapse. Neptune Energy makes gas and oil discoveries in Germany Neptune Energy announced two important hydrocarbon discoveries have been made in northwestern Germany. Total divests of $400 million in exploration, production and distribution assets In line with its strategy of actively managing its asset portfolio and its objective to divest $5 billion in assets in 2019-2020, Total is pursuing the divestments of several non-core assets in both Exploration-Production and Marketing and Services. These divestments represent a global value of more than $400 million. Oil crash kills Vaca Muerta’s potential as the next shale hotspot The Argentine region is often compared with the Permian basin in the U.S., with the promise to push out a million barrels of oil a day and turn around an economy on course for a third straight contraction this year. Experts see a future for shale: ‘Rocks don’t go bankrupt’ The American shale industry shocked the world with its rebound after the 2014-2016 bust, setting records for output that pushed the U.S. to the top spot among oil-producing countries. A handful of experts is saying that will happen again.