WorldOil Sasol nets $361 million on Mozambique pipeline stake sale The deal rounds out an accelerated asset-sale program that has helped Sasol reduce borrowings that ballooned amid cost overruns at a giant U.S. chemicals project and call off a proposed $2 billion share sale. Islamic State attacks turn Mozambique’s LNG boom into a bust Mozambican businesses looking to cash in on Africa’s biggest private investment are facing disaster after an attack by Islamic State-linked militants on a town close to Total SE’s $20 billion natural gas export project. Total provides refuge for 10,000 at its Mozambique LNG site after Islamic State attack An estimated 10,000 people fleeing an insurgent attack in northern Mozambique have sought refuge in a village within the concession area of Total SE’s $20 billion natural gas project, with more still arriving, according to two people with direct knowledge. Dozens killed in Islamic State raid near Total Mozambique LNG project It’s the latest in a series of incidents that are undermining the southern African country’s hopes of developing some of the continent’s biggest private investment projects. As much as $120 billion of investments by Total, Exxon Mobil Corp. and other companies may be approved by 2026, according to Standard Bank Group Ltd. Rebel attack leads Total to evacuate Mozambique LNG staff Total SE is evacuating most of the remaining employees from its liquefied natural gas project in northern Mozambique as insurgents attacked a town nearby, throwing Africa’s biggest private investment into disarray. Equinor writes off its Tanzania LNG project While progress has been made in recent years on the commercial framework for the Tanzania LNG project, overall project economics have not yet improved sufficiently to justify keeping it on the balance sheet, Equinor said in a statement. Mozambique’s army combats insurgents near Total's $20B LNG project Mozambique has struggled to contain an insurgency that has left more than 2,500 people dead and caused 570,000 to flee. The violence this year prompted Total SE to evacuate workers from its $20 billion liquefied natural gas project as attacks encroached on what is Africa’s biggest private investment. Total reduces Mozambique LNG staff as rebels step up attacks nearby Fighters linked to Islamic State raided a town less than 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the construction camp this week of what is Africa’s largest private investment, ratcheting up risks for the planned LNG export terminal on Mozambique’s northern coastline. While the heavily guarded site hasn’t been attacked yet, militants have made threats that they may do so. Mozambique repels insurgent attack near Total’s $20B LNG facility Fighters who’ve aligned with Islamic State in August have already seized the port town of Mocimboa da Praia, about 42 kilometers south of Mute, raising the stakes in a conflict that’s killed about 2,500 people and caused 570,000 to flee their homes since it started three years ago. Tullow reviewing its Kenya plans as stake sale falls through Tullow Oil is undertaking a six-month review of the viability of its operations in Kenya after a planned sale of its stake in the project fell through.