WorldOil Activist investor to stake $1B on changing shale operations The energy-focused private equity firm Kimmeridge Energy Management is looking for a U.S. shale producer to target for an overhaul, saying the sector has become “uninvestable.” Drilling advances The silly season Gyro-while-drilling technology improves drilling efficiency and well placement In today’s environment, the need to expedite wellbore construction has been supplanted by the requirement to drill boreholes more intelligently. A real-time wellbore guidance technology offers operators and service companies a means of improving precision and accuracy in wellbore placement. Neodrill targets drift-off, reducing idle offshore rig time by several days Neodrill has launched its new Wellhead Saver System, to directly address the industry challenge of drift-off during offshore drilling. Siemens wins modernization contract for Middle East jackup Siemens was awarded a contract by Arabian Drilling Company to modernize a complete and integrated drilling-drives lineup, including auxiliaries and controls, that will be installed on an offshore jackup drilling rig for a customer in the Middle East. Special Focus: 2020 Forecast - International Drilling and Production Improved offshore activity, coupled with significant conventional oil development programs operated by NOCs, should push drilling marginally higher in 2020. Adjustable smart-bit increases durability and ROP during drilling operations As wellbores and drilling operations have become more complex, drill bit development must keep pace to meet increasingly difficult performance requirements. Halliburton rolls out real-time frac performance monitoring system The SPIDRlive retriever combines quartz-based hardware and proprietary modeling software to capture high-resolution, high-accuracy and high-frequency data from the wellhead without running downhole equipment. Noble Energy targets U.S. onshore growth in 2020 capital budget Noble Energy says it will take advantage of offshore cash flow to focus on drilling in the DJ and Delaware basins in the U.S. Special Focus: 2020 Forecast - U.S. Drilling U.S. on a downward trajectory as shale industry matures