WorldOil Bringing real-time data and analysis for increased well integrity and performance In developing its Intelligent Pipe solution, Vallourec teamed up with OpenField Technology, a specialist in high-tech sensors. Vallourec embeds OpenField’s micro-sensors to the outside of its pipes, ensuring that they function correctly while maintaining the pipes’ structural integrity. Rival Downhole Tools increases U.S. footprint with Hunting subsidiary acquisition Hunting PLC and Rival Downhole Tools LC announced that Rival has acquired the operating assets of Hunting Energy Services (Drilling Tools), Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunting, in exchange for Hunting securing a minority equity interest in Rival. Understanding collapse resistance of casing strings with different cementing configurations The limited knowledge of impact of salt-induced loads on structural integrity often leads to overly conservative well design. To gain insight into these phenomena, engineers conducted a series of full-scale tests to fully understand collapse resistance. PESA president rebuts Biden’s energy stance While it’s true the energy ecosystem is in transition, former Vice President Biden is incorrect that it means replacing one form of energy with another or phasing out oil and gas. Despite a challenging environment, the OFS sector has a major role in energy’s future World Oil talks with PESA President Leslie Beyer about the key issues facing the sector in 2020 and beyond. Offline cementing drives savings and efficiencies A new solution offers tool-free, 8-min. setup and reduces NPT in multi-well pad operations, thereby yielding more drilling time and lowering costs. NTS Group acquires Amega West Services NTS Group has acquired Amega West Services, a market leader in the manufacture, repair and rental of legacy and specialized drilling equipment used in offshore and land-based oil and gas extraction applications, from Carpenter Technology Corporation. Hunting introduces perforating gun orientation tool The HSI’s three-axis accelerometer indicates the relative bearing and inclination of the downhole tool string during oriented perforating applications, confirming direction to avoid severing casing strings or cables behind casing. Hung up on installation issues? Continuous innovation in liner hanger development assists operators in overcoming liner installation and hanger integrity challenges. NOV delivers record-breaking coiled tubing string NOV recently delivered the world’s longest and heaviest coiled tubing work string, which comprised 7.57 miles of continuously milled carbon steel tubing.