WorldOil LNG won’t see a Chinese buying spree this winter China will likely pull back on spot purchases of liquefied natural gas before the peak demand season as a flurry of earlier bargain buying nearly maxed out storage space. China charters 19 tankers for record U.S. crude oil shipment Chinese crude buyers have chartered about 19 tankers for September to send roughly 37 million barrels of oil to China, according to provisional tanker fixtures. If these proceed as planned, the exports would surpass a record set in May at 35.2 million barrels, according to U.S. Census data compiled by Bloomberg. Siemens Energy launches its first megawatt green hydrogen production project in China "Promoting the application and development of renewable hydrogen is of great significance for China to build a modern and cleaner energy system,” said Christian Bruch, CEO of Siemens Energy. “Together with our partner SPIC, we are making an important contribution to tackling climate change and reducing carbon emissions.” China buys millions of barrels of U.S. oil to comply with trade deal As much as 14 million barrels -- or seven super-class tankers full -- of U.S. oil will be loaded next month for delivery to China, according to estimates by Vortexa Ltd. based on provisional tanker bookings. If all those shipments make the trip that will be more than double the volumes set for August. CNOOC announces significant South China Sea discovery CNOOC Limited has made a significant discovery of Huizhou 26-6 in Eastern South China Sea. It is expected to become the first mid-to-large sized condensate oil and gas field in the shallow water area of Pearl River Mouth Basin. Coronavirus resurgence slows China’s demand for U.S. crude A second wave of Covid-19 infections in China’s capital is threatening to depress the nation’s appetite for American oil just after a pick-up in purchases. U.S. oil gaining appeal in Asia as OPEC+ suppliers limit output Refiners in the top crude-importing region have been forced to accept big reductions in their regular contracted volumes from producers including Saudi Arabia and Iraq in the past couple of months. They’ve also been taken aback by sharp swings in official selling prices. Chinese traders trying their luck with sanctioned Venezuelan oil Officially, China hasn’t imported any Venezuelan crude since September after Washington sanctioned state entities including PDVSA. Information from data intelligence firm Kpler, however, signals the Asian nation is still buying, with as much as 3.3 MMbbl waiting off the Chinese coast as of June 15 and another 5 MMbbl en route to the port of Qingdao. China broke oil import records in May, signaling a nearly complete recovery Record figures underline how complete the demand recovery has been in the world’s largest oil importer, even as other countries struggle with the economic impact of lockdowns. It also suggests that China has been taking advantage of the collapse in prices to fill its strategic reserves on the cheap. Backup of tankers demonstrates China’s recovering oil demand Queues of tankers have formed off China’s busiest oil ports as the vessels wait to offload crude for refineries that are quickly ramping up production amid a rapid rebound in fuel demand.