WorldOil 2020 Forecast - Canadian EandP Canada re-adjusts to low prices, limited access Cost of Trudeau’s pipeline wager balloons 70% to $9.5 billion The cost to build Justin Trudeau’s governmental oil-pipeline project just got a few billion dollars more expensive. Canada’s biggest oil trade show reinvents itself amid new energy landscape Every year, the Global Energy Show brings together more than 50,000 industry professionals, government officials and companies to have forward-thinking conversations about creating a prosperous and sustainable future for upcoming generations. Coronavirus impedes Alberta’s drive to reach oil markets in Asia The coronavirus is hampering the Canadian oil industry’s efforts to build relations with crude buyers in Asia. Hedge fund that won big shorting U.S. shale is bullish on Canada After big wins shorting U.S. shale, a hedge fund is turning its sights on the beaten-down Canadian oil sector. Canadian crude weakness returns after Alberta eases output limits Alberta’s government has loosened output limits imposed at the start of 2019 to counter a glut caused by a lack of pipeline capacity and too much oil production. Before the cuts, Western Canadian Select’s discount to WTI has grown as wide as $50 a barrel. Canadian crude-by-rail shipments ready to surge, spurring new investment Crude-by-rail capacity in Alberta is expected to grow by 100,000 bpd in December after the provincial government eased production limits for oil transported by train, the Energy Ministry said Wednesday. Canadian energy shines as U.S. shale loses its luster Canadian energy firms have quietly outperformed their U.S. counterparts this year and, even after the run, a chorus of positive outlooks on the sector to the north continues. Canada rail strike ends, restoring shipments Wednesday morning A week-long rail strike that halted shipments of oil and other goods across Canada, threatening to take a multibillion-dollar bite out of the economy, is over. Encana investor blasts ‘discriminatory’ plan to flee Canada Encana’s announcement of the planned U.S. move last month ratcheted up the gloom enveloping the Canadian oil industry and heightened anxieties about losing major domestic companies.