WorldOil Regional Report: The Arctic In the Arctic Circle, oil and gas interests are often a study of polar opposites. To some it looks like riches; for others, potential ruin. Industry at a Glance Understanding collapse resistance of casing strings with different cementing configurations The limited knowledge of impact of salt-induced loads on structural integrity often leads to overly conservative well design. To gain insight into these phenomena, engineers conducted a series of full-scale tests to fully understand collapse resistance. Looking to the future: The industry’s post-Covid transformation Oil and gas organizations are looking increasingly to embrace technology and improve processes to move further down the path toward transformation in a post-Covid world. To accomplish these objectives will require structure, pragmatism and agility while navigating the road ahead. NETL advances water treatment The U.S. DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is funding four projects for cost-shared RandD in produced water treatment. Well abandonment—“Make it go away” The time has come for a coordinated industry strategy to address the problem of orphan wells. Water management Where do we go from here? Transforming during the downturn: How energy companies can thrive after Covid-19 The industry must adapt to address new and unforeseen challenges in market demand, staffing and worker health and safety. Digital transformation is a requirement to keep businesses alive while ensuring the most efficient and sustainable use of resources. The oil field gets digitalized with fast ROIs Operators cash-in near-perfect asset efficiency and long-term value First oil No final decision…yet Executive viewpoint A carbon conundrum for oil and gas All-in for the Brazilian oil and gas industry Part 2: In this second and final installment, the authors examine a potential rebuilding of onshore production, the likely need for some offshore decommissioning, and the status of the country’s alternative fuels. The last barrel An American patriot Buy time, digitalize and transition An extremely challenging economic environment is driving digital transformation across the oil and gas industries—but it doesn’t need to happen all at once. Companies can realize major top-line and bottom-line improvements, by thinking big but starting small and scaling up, using digital twins. What's new in exploration To drill or not to drill, that is the question! Drilling Advances The blunt truth Troublesome or trustworthy—how to ensure digital twins truly deliver value Operators require proof that digital twins can be trusted and will deliver value over time. Two companies have partnered to develop a methodology for qualifying the quality and integrity of the technology. Advances in seal technology drive down operating costs for chemical injection Modern sealing technologies can reduce maintenance on chemical injection pumps. A case study of over 10,000 pumps shows that new, technically advanced seals outperform traditional packing seals by an order of magnitude.