Case study: Innovative remote simul-frac creates efficiency and cost savings for Permian operator

Universal Pressure Pumping May 22, 2023
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An operator working in the Delaware Basin wanted to increase efficiencies by simul-fracing two, three-well pads that were about 1,200 ft. apart. Traditionally, all simul-fracs completed for this operator included a minimum of four wells on one pad and were completed in a 2-by-2 well format to obtain the full benefits of simul-frac operations. Connecting two, three-well pads added additional technical challenges.


Through collaboration with Universal, Matador Resources executed a remote simul-frac operation to complete the two, three-well pads at the same time. A remote simul-frac is a method to frac multiple pads from a centralized location. The frac equipment was rigged up on one of the two pads (Pad A) connected to the other pad (Pad B) with roughly 1,600 ft. of 7-in. spool iron. A set of pumpdown equipment, wireline unit, and crane were needed on pad B along with additional
communication between the pads to maintain safe operations.


With the ability to complete all six wells simultaneously, Matador improved lateral feet completed per day by roughly 62% and cut completion time by 38% compared to completing two, three-well zipper pads individually. Increasing efficiencies led to a cost reduction of around 7.5% per well. A remote operation allows the operator to simul-frac non-traditional pads without changing the frac design.

Reference: Paper SPE- 212333

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