NOV globally launches new ION+ PDC cutter technology

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HOUSTON  – NOV’s ReedHycalog has announced the global launch of the ION+ polycrystalline diamond compact PDC cutter technology, which stays sharper for longer to increase the rate of penetration ROP in challenging formations.

Further improving upon the successful ION platform, ION+ cutters comprise a wide range of application-specific cutter grades that incorporate refined diamond feeds, higher manufacturing pressures, and new, nonplanar interfaces. Employing thicker diamond tables with enhanced thermal stability, ION+ cutters are geared to deliver superior drilling performances, no matter the challenge. 

With the commercialization of the ION+ cutter technology, ReedHycalog continues to utilize dull drill bit analysis combined with downhole drilling data to pinpoint the root cause of failure. This valuable insight immediately returns value to customers by allowing ReedHycalog experts to select and rapidly deploy the right cutter for the application.

Cutter grade is the foundation of shaped cutter performance, and ReedHycalog engineers can rapidly and continuously update cutter grades to meet thermal, abrasion, and toughness requirements for the application. By coupling shaped cutter technology with optimized cutter placement, ReedHycalog drill bits can achieve the perfect balance of efficiency and durability. 

Richard Rivera, engineering manager for PDC Development, said, “As customers face new challenges, we are constantly innovating high-quality, consistent drill bit designs that incorporate the newest technologies. Our fast pace keeps us in the cutter technology lead and returns cost savings to the customer through record-breaking ROP and interval length performances. We remain committed to leading innovation in cutter and drill bit technology, and we are excited to back it up with science and field-proven results.” 


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