EnergyFunders opens the door to directly investing in competitive U.S. shale plays


HOUSTON -- EnergyFunders, an innovative digital energy investment platform based in the energy capital of Houston, is officially joining the ranks of large, publicly traded oil and gas operators who operate in advanced shale plays like the Permian and Bakken.  
"EnergyFunders will be the very first online funding platform to finance the development of a shale play through public retail financing," said Reed Stiles, V.P. of upstream for EnergyFunders. "Typically, shale play projects could only be accessed by investors who were already very well connected in this space. Even the wealthiest investors would need specific industry connections to get a seat at the table. We're proud to reach this milestone."

Casey Minshew, CEO of EnergyFunders added, "We are excited at the tremendous growth we have achieved in the last couple of years. The development of these shale plays has driven America's energy independence and we thought it was time to provide potential investors with unprecedented access to these projects.

Instead of buying public oil and gas companies' stocks, investors can invest directly in wells, where oil and gas operators invest alongside them.

EnergyFunders owns a share in the well, just like our investors, so we're focused on presenting top-tier opportunities for investors."

With the growth of the EnergyFunders platform and new access to unrivaled opportunities, EnergyFunders announces its strategic partnership with the financial platform Rocket Dollar. This allows Rocket Dollar members and new investors with EnergyFunders to roll over a 401(k) or IRA to invest in oil and gas. Rocket Dollar allows individuals to establish a self-directed 401(k) or IRA for alternative investments in assets such as oil and gas.

All the information reviewed about potential investments is presented on its platform to its users in a transparent, data-driven platform. Earnings are only made when the investor gets paid from the oil and gas production, not before.

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