Colorado's SB181 advances to House

Photo: Onshore rig workers on drilling rig.

DENVER – The House Finance Committee voted along party lines Monday night as Democrats advanced Senate Bill 181 to the House Appropriations Committee. The bill is expected to be heard on the House floor later this week. The following is a statement from Dan Haley, president and CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association:

“Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry provides $1 billion annually to local and state governments. Those tax dollars fund schools, parks and water projects, as well as social assistance initiatives like the Low-income Energy Assistance Program. These are services we all value as Coloradans and these dollars benefit everyone who wants to live in a state with good public schools, open spaces and robust infrastructure.

“Colorado’s oil and natural gas workforce is second to none, adhering to the toughest regulations in the country. Workforce data proves that ours is one of the safest industries in the nation, and air quality analysis proves that we are in fact part of the climate solution, as emissions continue to drop.

“As currently written, SB 181 is so sweeping and overly broad that it would set a concerning precedent when it comes to Colorado’s business environment as a whole. The bill would give extraordinary and unprecedented permitting authority to the director of the COGCC to withhold state permits indefinitely. And, as written, it completely disregards whether any of the new rules approved by local governments are even technically feasible. These and other elements of this bill are cause for great concern and are driving a significant amount of uncertainty for businesses and our workforce. We hope reasonable sideboards are ultimately included in order to chart a clear path forward for Colorado’s energy future.”

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