BP awards Vroon Offshore Services multi-ship contract

VOS Fairness. Photo: Vroon Offshore Services.

ABERDEEN -- Vroon Offshore Services Aberdeen has been awarded a long-term contract with BP. Under the multi-million-pound contract, Vroon Offshore will provide emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRVs) to support BP’s on-going and future operations in the North Sea and West of Shetland. The contract is for two years with the option to extend to five.

Five modern, purpose-built ERRVs from Vroon Offshore’s versatile fleet of 40 vessels will provide the service to BP. They are the VOS Fabulous, VOS Vigilant, VOS Innovator, VOS Discovery and VOS Fairness.

A major part of the fleet has cargo-carrying capabilities, while some vessels have towage and tanker-assist features. With its own rescue-craft maintenance workshop in Montrose and an office in Great Yarmouth for local support, the company employs 50 people onshore and 1,000 seafarers.

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