Abrado’s chemical system saves rig time with single-trip deepwater fluid displacement in GOM


HOUSTON -- Abrado announced today that it has completed another successful single-trip deepwater displacement for a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico using its proprietary VeriClean 200X chemical system.

VeriClean 200X is Abrado’ s proprietary wellbore displacement chemical used for displacing water-based, synthetic and oil-based muds to clear brine fluids. The chemical system has a proven track record of completely removing mud residue and solids from the wellbore, casing and other metal surfaces the first time. The service company has again performed a complete Deepwater Displacement service in record time, thus saving the operator cost. This displacement project is another in a series of successful deepwater displacements.

“Using Abrado’ s procedures and proprietary VeriClean 200X chemical system this displacement was completed in 15 hours total beating our previous displacement by six hours. The operator realized a rig time cost savings of $385,000.” said, Sandy Esslemont, Abrado CEO.

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