API welcomes nominations of Kevin McIntyre, Richard Glick to FERC

By Michael Tadeo on 8/3/2017

WASHINGTON -- API welcomed the administration’s nominations of Richard Glick to be a commissioner and Kevin McIntyre to be the chairman of FERC and called on the Senate to promptly approve these nominations so that the agency can continue its work to approve important infrastructure projects across the country.

“This action by the administration is an important step in modernizing our nation’s infrastructure,” said API Midstream and Industry Operations Group Director Robin Rorick. “FERC has gone without a quorum for far too long, stalling nearly $4 billion of investment in our nation’s energy infrastructure. Restoring a full complement of commissioners to FERC will result in job creation and benefit consumers by expanding the infrastructure needed to provide affordable, reliable, clean-burning natural gas.

“Approval of these well-qualified nominees by the Senate will ensure that the agency can return to its mission of evaluating and approving needed energy infrastructure projects around the country,” said Rorick.

API thanks Senator Murkowski for her commitment to swift committee action on these nominees and urges Majority Leader McConnell to schedule a floor vote as soon as possible.

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