Serinus Energy reports Moftinu 1001 well incident


CALGARY -- Serinus Energy Inc. has reported that at 1:49 a.m. CET on Monday, Dec. 18, 2017, during routine operation to prepare the Moftinu 1001 well for future production, an unexpected gas release occurred and subsequently ignited.  The company was continuing the process of bringing the well out of suspension in advance of production.  At the time of the incident the blow-out preventer (BOP) was in the process of being attached to the well head. The wellsite has been evacuated and secured and all Company and contractor staff have been reported as safe with no injuries.  The Company's well supervisor and drilling contractor are now working to re-establish control of the well.

The Satu Mare County fire department responded immediately and they are at the well site to ensure containment of the fire.  Officials from the town of Moftinu, Satu Mare County, and the National Agency of Mineral Resources are also on site. The cause of this incident is not currently known and the Company's primary consideration is to safely and quickly bring the gas well under control. The Company will provide ongoing status updates to the market.  

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