LMKR releases updated E&P interpretation software with 3D geomodeling


Houston -- LMKR today announced release of the newest update to its E&P interpretation software; GeoGraphix 2017.1 and GVERSE Geomodeling; a new integrated 3D geomodeling platform. With advanced field planning, integrated 3D geomodeling and powerful petrophysical analysis, GeoGraphix 2017.1 is an advanced, cost-efficient, and tightly-integrated geoscience system.

This latest release provides a host of new features and enhancements with tools derived from customer experience as well as extensive research. With GVERSE Geomodeling 2017.1 operators can integrate petrophysical, geophysical, drilling, and GIS data into their interpretation to create the most comprehensive geomodel with real-time map view, cross section view, and 3D visualization.

GVERSE Geomodeling is an integrated environment for modeling that incorporates a newly built 3D View with map and cross sections. Working efficiently with larger projects in 64 bit, it gives operators control through picking and moving virtual inter-well points and easily committing them to the database and model. Operators can improve workflows by manipulating modeled surfaces, controlling the spread of fault modeling, and adjusting transparency level of lithology fills. Operators can take interpretations to a new level with advanced petrophysical analysis that allows incorporating new curves through importing and merging into existing computed curves set. 

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