New gas turbine improves gas protection in dusty environments


ABU DHABI -- Parker Hannifin recently announced the release of its new clearcurrent PRO SP+ cartridge filter at the ADIPEC show in Abu Dhabi.

Designed and manufactured specifically for gas turbines in the Middle East, the filter sets a new standard for gas turbine protection in the region through superior dust-holding capacity and pulse-ability.

The filter uses FLEX Technology, consisting of flexible pleats that release dust and debris better than standard filters utilized in the region. The harsh conditions found in the Middle East require a filter that maintains its differential pressure (DP) for as long as possible to keep the gas turbines operating normally. The pulse-ability of the filter allows the it to have lower DP across the life of the filter.

Inlet filters are often times found further down a gas turbine (GT) operator’s maintenance checklist, but if the wrong filter is selected, the gas turbine performance soon suffers. The company’s new filter belongs to the PRO technology family of products from Parker, which are proven to help maintain GT output and reduce maintenance costs for users. Rather than just being based on laboratory testing, predictable reliable output (PRO) technology has been well proven based on resulting compressor performance and protection in real-world installations in harsh environments, making this technology an ideal choice for reliable operation in the Middle East. 

The filter is qualified to the extremely stringent Saudi Aramco standards, and it can handle both wet and dry particulates, and is particularly good at protecting the turbine from damage caused by salt.

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