Churchill Drilling Tools launches dart-less version of its self-filling float


HOUSTON -- Churchill Drilling Tools, a global oilfield service company specializing in drilling innovation, has seen a growing demand for its technology with a record number of dart activations in August 2017. Operators are increasingly trusting Churchill’s darts to activate downhole devices, with the company announcing the launch of a dart-less version of its self-filling float, the popular time-saving tool for running in hole in deepwater drilling programs.

Responding to the industry’s demand to drill faster, more efficiently and at low risk, the company has developed its dart-less ‘SFF Trigger’. The ‘Trigger’ version of its self-filling float maintains the capability to run in hole quickly in a dormant mode, but with an added automatic activation system which is ‘triggered’ when the tool reaches pre-set depth and pressure.

This new automatic system provides operators with superior inter-operability with other tools in the drill string. It is unaffected by shallow-hole testing and can also be positioned below any other tool that needs thru-bore access providing faster trip times and a unique level of flexibility and performance for deepwater operations.

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