Abrado demonstrates barrier placement service with Gulf of Mexico operator


HOUSTON -- Abrado announced today that it has completed the 7th well in a multi-well rigless plug and abandonment campaign using it's “Investigate, Operate and Validate” operations and performing downhole video pre and post-window inspection as well as dual-string section milling with its proprietary Medusa cutting technology.

Work on the multi-well plug and abandonment campaign for the supermajor operator in the Gulf of Mexico began in early May, 2017. The scope of work includes dual-string section milling using Abrado’s unique and proprietary line of Medusa section milling tools. Multiple dual-string casing windows have been milled to allow traditional cement barrier placement across the annuli. Abrado continues to “Investigate, Operate and Validate” its operations with its full line of proprietary downhole video cameras for pre and post-window inspection as well as barrier placement.

“Abrado Investigates well conditions with downhole video, operates with the Medusa section milling technology and validates success with downhole video continuing to prove its value by saving time and money eliminating unnecessary trips and providing the operator with visual and verifiable validation that the job is complete.” said Jason Parrish, Abrado Senior Vice President

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