Drillinginfo unveils new functionality in oilfield services app to find opportunities faster


LAFAYETTE, La. -- Drillinginfo, the energy industry's leading SaaS and data analytics company, unveiled new features and enhancements to its Oilfield Services (OFS) platform before attendees today at the 2017 Louisiana Gulf Coast Exposition (LAGCOE).

Drillinginfo has been servicing the Energy industry for years, and began focusing on OFS in the past 18 months. The suite of tools shown today prove cutting-edge technologies can also be simple to use and easy to implement for any size organization.

Drillinginfo has taken what is familiar, such as rig and permit reports, and transformed it to become interactive, flexible and customized across print, web, mobile, and email – making static reports obsolete. With Drillinginfo, data filters display only the most relevant and actionable activity allowing OFS professionals to focus on closing deals and delivering value to their customers. This easy-to-use communication tool breaks down barriers between the field and corporate offices, creating an unprecedented level of alignment across any organization.

To develop these solution-focused products, Drillinginfo partnered with a number of OFS professionals to gain insights into the modern day-to-day challenges of the oil and gas industry.

“This side of the industry has mostly been underserved and lacked innovation,” said Colin Westmoreland, general manager of OFS from Drillinginfo, “Over the past year we have met with hundreds of OFS companies from the largest to smallest to understand exactly what the industry needs and how we can solve existing problems.”

Key Features of the OFS platform:

  • First and only to track land drilling rigs in the US with GPS units, giving Drillinginfo the most accurate location information in the industry.
  • Industry leading rig analytics product to understand historical locations, trends, rig movements, driller-operator relationships that allow from companies to make better business plans.
  • A state-of-art mobile app where users can share notes with other users on permits andrigs in their company and collect competitor intelligence for a range of different servicesfrom valves, to pipe, to wireline, etc.  
    • Connects the office and field and allow companies to better understand their market share and adjust business plans accordingly.

o   Provides users access to rig locations, permits, drilled uncompleted wells (DUCs), custom reports to filter through the noise and pinpoint business leads that have a higher close rate.

  • Users can save money and time my optimizing their routes to multiple rigs and thus spend more time selling.
  • For chemical producers, vendors, suppliers and completion companies, Drillinginfo hascreated an analytics product, Drillinginfo Oilfield Chemicals, that allows user to betterunderstand the chemical market. From market share, the players on a high level to agranular well level of what’s going downhole.

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