BSEE lends expertise in Louisiana oil platform fire investigation


NEW ORLEANS -- An engineer, an inspector and an investigator in New Orleans with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement are lending their expertise to the Jefferson Parrish authorities to assist with the investigation of the recent oil and gas platform explosion and fire in state waters. The Bureau regulates oil and gas operations on the Federal Outer Continental Shelf.

On Sunday, when a platform explosion occurred in Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain, BSEE’s Gulf of Mexico Region received a request for assistance with the investigation. When incidents happen on offshore production platforms, the Bureau analyzes the evidence, interviews witnesses, determines the cause(s), and makes recommendations to prevent similar future events.

“BSEE has the expertise to investigate offshore energy facility incidents,” said BSEE Gulf of Mexico Region Director Lars Herbst. “Our investigations team has specialized training, they know what to look for when incidents occur on offshore facilities and they know the laws and regulations that govern oil and gas platform investigations.”

Jefferson Parish Fire Department Investigations Supervisor, Eric Bacon, said, “The knowledge that was conveyed about the equipment, processes, and procedures was invaluable.”

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