Issue: September 2019

Special Focus

Completion design analysis: A case study for water control in Villano field, Ecuador

An effectiveness analysis of various completion designs for reducing water production yields significant benefits during field development.

Quality and reliability: Finding the balance

An organizational culture that values safety and incident prevention is necessary for achieving the safest work environment. Similarly, a culture that values reliability is necessary for the prevention of reliability incidents.

Hydraulic fracturing–A view from 50,000 feet

An upfront perspective on hydraulic fracturing innovation and implementation examines current shale completions, popular trends and tendencies.

U.S. drilling wanes, trend predicted to continue in second half

Disappointing results in the shale plays, along with a growing number of DUCs, indicate a reduction in activity is prudent to focus on completing idle wells to recoup investments, rather than loading more orphans in the queue.

Canada facing a multitude of issues and political uncertainties

Canada’s oil and gas industry is locked in a protracted downturn. At the halfway point of 2019, most signs now point to a bearish outlook, with the oil patch at the mercy of forces beyond its control.

E&P activity outside the U.S. to continue moderate growth

Stubbornly high oil supplies continue to constrain global drilling figures, but a renewed focus on reserve replacement, coupled with emerging offshore and shale opportunities outside the U.S., show opportunities for growth in the future.

Innovations improve efficiencies, deliver operator value

This year at ATCE, service providers are showcasing technologies engineered to increase efficiencies in difficult offshore environments, in extended reach drilling operations and to enhance digital intelligence platforms designed to optimize productivity.

Gas price woes fail to dampen production, drilling

A fledging Appalachian basin operator hopes its more established brethren will follow its lead and abstain from chasing growth amid a bleak gas price environment that shows no sign of strengthening anytime soon.

Guyana to become a major oil producer

A flurry of deepwater discoveries in the Atlantic off Guyana’s coast has changed the future for the small South American nation.

Disruption and digital: Business transformation should drive technology adoption, not the other way around

Industry survey suggests investment will increase, but management’s vision needs better alignment.

First oil

Another mixed outlook awaits the E&P sector

What's new in exploration

Rank and exploration may be like jumbo and shrimp

Drilling advances

Talk freely among yourselves

What's new in production

Hand me the remote

Oil and gas in the capitals

Energy subsidy confusion

Water management

The power of water

Executive viewpoint

The time has come for an Appalachian Storage Hub

The last barrel

In 1982, I started working for a small independent that was making a living, drilling oil wells in the “mature” Seminole field of eastern Oklahoma.
News & Resources

World of oil and gas

Industry at a glance

The unrelenting trade dispute, festering between the U.S. and China, took a toll on crude prices in August, with WTI, Brent and Dubai Fateh dropping 4%, 7.1% and 9.4% respectively.

People in the industry

Dr. Stephen A. Holditch, an accomplished petroleum engineer and fixture of Texas A&M University faculty, passed away on Aug. 9, 2019.

Companies in the news

Wave energy technology developer Ocean Power Technologies will trial its PB3 Power Buoy in the UK North Sea, representing a new approach to renewable offshore power generation.

New products and services

Halliburton has introduced 3D reservoir mapping, an LWD capability that provides a detailed representation of the subsurface to improve well placement in complex reservoirs.
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