Issue: July 2019

Special Focus

Optimizing long lateral completions with advanced stick pipe drill outs

In unconventional wells, coiled tubing has traditionally been the preferred method for drilling out frac plugs after hydraulic stimulation.

What’s going on down there?

Use of electromagnetic monitoring to image unconventional wells in shales can identify problems with well isolation and frac design.

Mobile electric power and microgrids offer sensible alternatives to diesel power

E&P operators and their pressure pumping frac partners may have different wellsite power needs, but both seek more safety, efficiency and profitability. That’s why flexible, reliable and scalable mobile electric power solutions, fueled by natural gas instead of diesel, make sense.

DOE’s Permian basin field laboratories work to optimize output responsibly

The West Texas hydraulic test site project examines some areas for potential improvement in fracturing, including fracture growth, its interaction with natural fractures, and fracture efficiency for enhanced production. Such advances could lead to fewer infill wells drilled, less water used, and reduced energy input during future oil and gas recovery.

Improved completion economics through real-time stimulation monitoring

A permanent fiber optic installation enables design change adjustments during well completion, to optimize stage length and enhance completion execution, to improve project economics.

Buzzword: Big Data

We all acknowledge the increasingly important role that data will play in the oil and gas industry moving forward, but overuse of the term “Big Data” has made it tempting to think of it as more of a buzzword than an industry-changing phenomenon.

Drill pipe-based completion workover risers lower costs and increase operational efficiency

The durability of drill pipe-based completion workover risers lowers cost of ownership and can be run by drilling rig crews, giving operators the flexibility to move seamlessly between drilling and completion operations.

Friction reducing flotation collar/optimal placement increases efficiency running casing in long laterals

A new ultra-reach flotation collar, equipped with a second-generation buoyancy barrier, reduces friction in extended reach laterals and lowers costs associated with running casing to the required target depth.

Disruption and commoditization of the proppant industry

The U.S. upstream industry’s shift to quantity over quality has resulted in an oversupply of sand and proppants, resulting in price deflation, a situation complicated by operators’ preference for supplies to have closer proximity to wellsites.

Colorado and New Mexico officials rescind the welcome mat for oil and gas

Elected officials are doing their best to kill off the golden goose in two states that have benefitted mightily from the shale revolution.

Securely and efficiently connecting remote well sites for data and control

New devices and modern communication protocols allow operators to digitally connect their traditionally hard-to-reach well sites to central brokers providing secure and reliable access to valuable information previously orphaned in the field.

Bakken shale remains North Dakota’s growth engine

As the play’s oil production continues to advance, several pipeline projects may help to make the transportation of that crude easier.

Regional Report: Nigeria/Angola

Africa’s top two producers seen climbing the global E&P ranks

First oil

Just another day at the wellsite

What’s new in exploration

Rebound seen in new offshore exploration

Drilling advances

New Zealand’s faux ban

What’s new in production

An electric solution

Oil and gas in the capitals

Middle Eastern Oil: Is Trump making the situation worse?

Water management

Water management

Executive viewpoint

Assessing well delivery scheduling capabilities

The last barrel

Enough already!
News & Resources

World of oil and gas

Talos Energy has completed its appraisal program for the Zama discovery on Block 7, in the offshore portion of Mexico’s prolific Sureste basin.

Industry at a glance

Despite escalating hostilities between the U.S. and Iran, which included two oil tanker attacks and a downed U.S. surveillance drone, crude benchmarks plummeted in June, with WTI, Brent and Dubai Fateh dropping 9.3%, 10.5% and 10%, respectively.

People in the industry

N-Sea Holding has named Arno van Poppel as chief executive of the subsea IMR services provider.

Companies in the news

Fugro says it has contributed more than 110,000 km2 of high-resolution bathymetry data in the North Atlantic Ocean to help improve the quality and coverage of seabed mapping in the region.

New products and services

Deep Casing Tools has developed an innovative well abandonment tool that not only saves operators time, but also reduces risk and cuts cost.
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