March 2018 ///

Special Focus

Geosteering CTD, using the drill bit as a sensor

Richard Stevens

Placing the wellbore trajectory in the correct formation is crucial to project success. Existing geosteering techniques provide some of the necessary accuracy but can involve drilling unproductive formation. A new technology can give engineers the information they need to geosteer more accurately in real time, at a reduced cost.

Collaborative contingency on the Alaskan frontier

Brendon Webb, Liam Zsolt, Justin Zingsheim, Roger Hammer

The first CT intervention plan that required 15,000-psi-rated well control equipment yields important lessons.


Influx management strategy enables automated MPD response

Brian Grayson, Harshad Patil, Maurizio Arnone

A new MPD approach provides comprehensive decision-making to safely circulate out influxes.

World’s largest riser support structure installed with unique EPCI solution

Mahesh Swaminathan

The EPCI solution was just one of many engineering feats within the INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG Project, offshore Australia.

Subsurface DNA diagnostics aid well spacing decisions in the Permian

Liz Percak-Dennett

Lessons are learned from more than 10,000 produced fluids and cuttings samples from more than 200 wells.

New rate decline EUR model for unconventional reservoirs

Don LeBlanc, Dr. Viannet Okouma

Applying traditional decline models to unconventional reservoirs can yield erroneous results, due to invalid assumptions. To accurately forecast EUR in unconventional reservoirs, a new approach is required.

Gulf Quest LLC to hold 15th MCEDD conference in Milan, Italy

Emily Querubin

After announcing their partnership and officially forming Gulf Quest LLC in October, Gulf Publishing Company and Quest Offshore Resources are set to host the 15th Marine Construction Engineering Deepwater Development (MCEDD) conference in Milan, Italy.

Optimizing drilling dynamics with acquisition and analysis of high-resolution downhole data

Grant Corrie, Gregor Aitkenhead, Sahet Keshiyev, Stephen Forrester, Francesco Mandracchia, Nick Benson

Bottomhole assemblies for drilling complex offshore wells are incorporating advanced downhole tools more frequently to collect operational data that improves drilling practices.

The Trump tax bill: An object lesson on the need for policymaker engagement

David Blackmon

Effects from the new tax law passed last December will be positive, for the most part, for the U.S. upstream industry.

Regional Report: East Africa

Emily Querubin

Oil-rich East Africa continues its uphill battle to recovery

South Africa, Namibia prospects set the stage for E&P revival

Emily Querubin

Africa Energy Corp. CEO Garrett Soden says exploration efforts in the region are taking off, increasing the potential for a “Johan Sverdrup-type” discovery offshore South Africa.


First Oil

Kurt Abraham

A “new world order” of oil production begins to emerge

Energy Issues

William J. Pike

Down the Hall

What's New in Exploration

William (Bill) Head

Exploration fire sale?

Drilling Advances

Jim Redden

Tea and crêpes, perhaps?

What's New in Production

Don Francis

Around the block

Offshore in Depth

Ron Bitto

Operators accept risks of Mediterranean gas development

Oil & Gas in the Capitals

Jacques Sapir

The oil market and Russia

Water Management

Mark Patton

Recycling produced water cuts disposal costs

Executive Viewpoint

Peter Zornio

Reservoir recovery: An opportunity for digital transformation

The Last Barrel

Craig Fleming

If the dam don’t break, recovery will continue

News & Resources

World of Oil & Gas

Emily Querubin

TAG Oil Ltd. (70%), operator of the Puka permit (PEP 51135) in New Zealand’s Taranaki basin, said the Pukatea-1 exploration well was drilled to 10,170 ft, MD, encountering variable hydrocarbon shows.

Industry at a Glance

Craig Fleming

Crude prices tumbled in February over fear of unfettered U.S. shale output, and a combined increase of 130,000 bpd by OPEC members Libya, Nigeria and Venezuela.

People in the Industry

Emily Querubin

John Loiacono, director of commercial services at Enbridge Energy Company, has been elected chairman of the Texas Pipeline Association (TPA).

Companies in the News

Emily Querubin

Fugro has begun a series of geophysical and geotechnical surveys for ADNOC’s Hail and Ghasha development in the UAE’s Arabian Gulf.

New Products and Services

Alex Endress

Weatherford has developed a radio-frequency identification (RFID) cementing port collar that allows efficient cement placement, to help operators achieve a competent annular barrier in mature fields and narrow pressure-window environments.