June 2018 ///

Special Focus

Exceptional concepts go the distance

Rob Oberhofer, Rodney Schnell

Proven completion technologies combine for an effective, elegant solution.

Fully dissolvable frac plug results in efficiency gains in long lateral completions

Steve Chauffe, John Ray

Improving frac plug drill-out, to the point of eliminating the task altogether, is a goal that has grown with the advance of long, multi-zone completions. A simple, fully dissolvable plug is the latest step in cutting the need, cost and risk of drill-out intervention.

Boosting the power of Big Data for completions

Piyush Pankaj, Samir Menasria, Abhishek Sharma, Priyavrat Shuklaj, Tobias Judd, Steve Geetan, Richard MacDonald

Predictive proxy model uses data analytics, reservoir characterization to streamline completion optimization


What’s new in artificial lift?

Joe D. Woods, James F. Lea

Part 2: In this second of two monthly reports, the authors highlight innovations in ESPs, PCPs, plunger lift and gas lift systems.

Total E&P Norge benefits from new fluid strategy for drilling and completions

Stuart Leon, Johan Løchen

Total required a new fluid strategy to solve a multitude of issues associated with the high-pressure Martin Linge gas reservoir, in the North Sea. A low-solids cesium/potassium formate fluid was proposed, because of its ability to produce easily through sand screens and successfully deliver a challenging well.

Shaletech: Bakken/Three Forks Shale For now, bust-to-boom mentality grips Williston basin

Jim Redden

In keeping with agrarian counsel that holds one should “make hay while the sun shines,” operators in the price-sensitive Bakken shale are pouncing on higher oil prices, abetted with near-inconsequential differentials, to lift production to a three-year high.

East Canada’s upstream sector hits its next phase

Kurt Abraham

One of the industry’s most unique offshore provinces continues to generate activity, both on the exploration and development sides. Along with that comes additional technical innovation.

Regional Report: Russia mulls withdrawal from OPEC accord, boosting production

Emily Querubin

Although it is not a member of OPEC, Russia has aligned itself with OPEC’s efforts to cut production and reduce a worldwide glut.

Russian manufacturing facility, new winterized train rig address specific conditions

Anthony Crawford, Stephen Forrester

The Russian economy has long relied on the oil and gas industry to drive growth, with areas such as Samotlor field responsible for the country skyrocketing to prominence in the global energy marketplace.

The natural gas market in 2017

Armelle Lecarpentier

In 2017, global natural gas demand’s above-average growth reshaped market fundamentals and  prevented the development of a global natural gas bubble. Meanwhile, global natural gas consumption doubled its 2016 growth rate, and it was well ahead of the previous five-year trend.


First oil

Kurt Abraham

Certain circumstances have caused this editor to have to travel several times during the last month between Houston and the Hill Country of central Texas.

Energy issues

William J. Pike

In 1955, science fiction author Philip K. Dick wrote “Autofac,” a short story about autonomous machinery. After a devastating war, humans discover that machines are restarting themselves and working on their own projects.

What's new in exploration

During the beginning of this century, millions of miles of 2D seismic data went into dumpsters thinking there was no remaining value.

Drilling advances

Jim Redden

The public domain is a cluttered place and simply Googling any particular subject likely yields results that are, at once, overwhelming and sorely lacking.

What's new in production

Don Francis

“…and pretty soon,” U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen famously remarked, “it adds up to real money.”

Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Roger Bezdek

The hydrogen economy has the distinction of vying with nuclear fusion as the energy technology that is always a “constant XX years” away from fruition.

Executive viewpoint

Daniel Sawyer

Opportunities to reduce costs and improve safety with digitization are created every day.

Innovative thinkers

Emily Querubin

Kemal Anbarci says he’s no innovator. However, he does admit to his role as an “enabler of innovation.”

The last barrel

Craig Fleming

I have to commend the Norwegian government for the bold actions that they have taken to move their country’s energy sector away from oil and gas.

News & Resources

World of oil and gas

Emily Querubin

Shell Offshore, Inc., reported a significant deepwater discovery in the U.S. GOM’s Norphlet geologic play.

Industry at a glance

Craig Fleming

The world’s three major crude benchmarks fluctuated after being subjected to domestic factors and geopolitical risks.

People in the industry

Michele Cowart

Tullow Oil Plc, appointed Dorothy Thompson as independent non-executive director and chair-designate of Tullow.

Companies in the news

Michele Cowart

Baker Hughes, a GE company, has been awarded, by Equinor ASA and Aker Solutions, a contract to provide turbomachinery equipment for the topside structure on the Johan Castberg FPSO.

New products and services

Michele Cowart

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has launched a new metal end cap seal, specifically engineered for HPHT wellhead, tubing and casing hanger sealing environments.